Women Empowerment Through Entrepreneurship

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Entrepreneurship is the future of the modern society. They are the driving forces behind Indian economy. Entrepreneurs are people who come out with an new ideas , innovations , do things, which are not generally done in the ordinary course of a business. Empowerment of women entrepreneur is an new mantra for development of economy. The present paper focuses mainly women entrepreneur ,they still represent a minority of all entrepreneurs. It is observed that women entrepreneur networks are major sources of knowledge about women’s entrepreneurship and they are increasingly recognized as a valuable tool for its development and promotion. Of the 1.3 billion people who live in absolute poverty around the globe, 70 percent are women work two-thirds of the world’s working hours, Women earn only 10 percent of the world’s income. Women own less than 1 percent of the world’s property. An effort has been made in this paper is to identify empowerment of women's entrepreneurship in Indian economy Introduction to Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship was previously considered to be unknown quality of an individual and hence it was believed that entrepreneurs are born and not made. But recent studies have proved that Entrepreneurial activities can be planned and developed in an individual through creation of opportunities, extended Facilities, Allowing Incentives, Developing Competence and group sensitiveness in an individual for all those factors Entrepreneurship is a social phenomenon and it is not inherent within a person, rather it exists in the interaction between people. It reflects a ray of hope for the unemployed to earn a living and maintain a dignified life and also for the economic development of the country. our vision of emerging as a superpower by 2020 will pivot momentously on Entrepreneurial shoulders. equal opportunity between men and women from the perspective of entrepreneurship is still not a reality.

An Entrepreneur is the key figure in the process of economic growth. He/She is an economic person who tries to maximize his profits by innovation and thus aggressively contributing towards economic development. He is an organizer and speculator who is doing new things or doing things that are already being done in a new way. Women Entrepreneurship

Women entrepreneurs play an important role in the entrepreneurial economy, both in their ability to create jobs for themselves and to create jobs for others. In Europe (both European Union countries and other European countries), estimates indicate that there exist more than 10 million self-employed women. In the United States 6.4 million self-employed women provide employment for 9.2 million people and create significant sales. Using the United States ratio between the number of employees and self-employment it may be estimated that employed women in surveyed European countries could employ around 15 million persons. Better qualitative information and quantitative data and statistics are required to profile women entrepreneurs (demographic information, barriers to start-up and growth). This would also assist in promoting awareness of the role of women entrepreneurs in the economy.

Entrepreneur is held responsible for scanning the business landscape for unexploited opportunities. The improved way of doing is the innovation that the entrepreneur presents to the market. According to CWBR, there are 6.2 million privately held majority (50% or more) women owned businesses in the U.S. employing 9.2 million workers and contributing $1.15 trillion to the economy. Half of all privately Owned business in the U.S. are owned by women, and between 1997 to 2005 women owned business grew at thrice the rate of all businesses. Together, women owned businesses and those owned equally by men and women number 10.2 million employ more than 18 million workers and generate $2.32 trillion. According to Women in the economy, a study conducted by Government of India, there...

References: 5. Phamphlets from Small Industries Service Institute, Chennai. 2004.
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