Evolution and Theories of Entrepreneurship

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Gender, Entrepreneurial Self-Efficacy, and Entrepreneurial Career Intentions: Implications for Entrepreneurship Education Christian Afful
Moromoke Boboye
Oxalis B. Garcia
Eric Ostberg
Angela Stevenson
Professor Donald L. Buresh
Entrepreneurship is a source of innovation, job creation and vibrancy for local and regional {text:bookmark-start} Economies (McAlexander, Bates, & Nelson, 2009, p. 49) {text:bookmark-end} . Men and women have different Interests and behavior due to a lot of factors, these factors undoubtedly contribute to the Disparity between men and women in Entrepreneurial career interest behaviors (Wilson,Kickul,Marlino & Deborah, 2007). A major Factor is the ability and self confidence of Individuals both male and female which determines the success of business creation (Wilson,Kickul,Marlino & Deborah,2007). Gender affects personality, tolerance and our reaction to various situations; both male and female could possesses good entrepreneurial career intention and ability to start a business. When all the attributes are brought into play, the entrepreneurial education of men and women can be affected both positively and negatively. The group was able to access the works of some individuals on these very subject (ent {text:bookmark-start} repreneurship), {text:bookmark-end} who identified willingness and ability as one of the factors that make a successful entrepreneurship career. Introduction

This assignment is based around all steps of the research process according to Sekaran (2003). The article in question is titled “Gender, Entrepreneurial Self-Efficacy, and Entrepreneurial Career Intentions: Implications for Entrepreneurship Education.” The authors are Fiona Wilson, Jill Kickul, and Deborah Marlino. The article is a research article that exemplifies the role women play among today’s entrepreneurs. There has always been a gap between men and woman as far as being an entrepreneur goes. The article takes an in-depth perspective about the psychological nature of most women in regards to entrepreneurship. The roles are broken down into many different demographics such as college educated women, location, and different types of women such as self-reliant women. The basis of the research is to determine exactly what the origin is of the level of difference is the entrepreneurial field. The fact is that this article is a research article; and the assessment from us determines if the authors adhered to the research process. The whole process is constituted by the observation, preliminary data gathering, problem definition, theoretical framework, and the generation of a hypothesis, scientific research design, data collection, data analysis, data interpretation, and deduction (Sekaran, 2003). Observation

The research conducted by Wilson, Kickul, and Marlino (2007) on gender, entrepreneurial self-efficacy, and entrepreneurial career intension was a basic research on the progress of women as entrepreneurs, a field formally dominated by men. This progressive change warranted further research into the factors influencing entrepreneurship. Observation according to Sekaran (2003) is the initial step in the research process, and it is the identification of a problem or a phenomenon and the focus on this phenomenon to define the broad area of research. Wilson et als. (2007), identified that data available indicates immense progress and increase of the number of women who are entrepreneurs, however recent data indicates men are still dominant in that field. The focus on this phenomenon resulted in the definition of the broad area of research on gender, entrepreneurial efficacy, career intension and education (Wilson, Kickul, & Marlino, 2007). According to Hague, Adams, and Brace (2006), observation can provide both quantitative and qualitative data. They further argued that observation analyses the true picture of a phenomenon and the motivation of...
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