Women Entrepreneurship

Topics: Entrepreneurship, Economics, Gender Pages: 3 (906 words) Published: March 31, 2010
The emergence of women entrepreneur & their contribution to the national economy is quite visible in India. Women have become aware of their existence, their rights & their work situations. The number of women entrepreneur has grown over a period especially in the 1990s. Women have owned & operated business since the beginning of American history & much earlier in other part of the world. They rarely were recognized or given credit for their effort. Often women were invisible as they worked side by side with their husband in businesses & may have only stepped into the leadership position when their husband died. Many recognized business today are owned & operated by the wife or daughter of the founder. Due to gender discrimination & bias many women choose the option of starting & managing their own business that can impede women’s success in the corporate world. Women entrepreneurship need to be studied separately for two main reasons. the first reason is that women’s entrepreneurship has been recognised during the last decade as an untapped source of economic growth. Women entrepreneurs create new jobs for themselves & others by being different also provide society with different solution to management , organization & business problem as well as to the exploitation of entrepreneurs opportunities. The second reason is that the topic of women entrepreneurship has been largely neglected both in society general & in social science. Not only have women lower participation rates in entrepreneurial then men but they also generally choose to start & manage firms in different industries then men tend to do. Industries choosen by women are often perceived as being less important to economic development & growth then high technology & manufacturing further more research tend to be men streamed & too often do not take in to account the specific need of women entrepreneur. Why women become entrepreneur:-

Women often leave the corporate world...
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