Barriers Faced By Women Entrepreneurs

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Barriers faced by female entrepreneurs
1. Introduction
An increase number of female owned their business and became entrepreneurs in recent years. According to the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor, there are 126 million women operating new business. Although the number of female entrepreneurs is high, the rate of women take part in business is not equal to men’s. Even the active female entrepreneurs, they do not reach their potential. In America, women own three in ten firms. It is only 6% of the country’s workforce and account for barely 4% of business revenues (The economist 2014). In general, entrepreneur is a traditionally male dominated industry. Female entrepreneurs have faced some obstacles in business world. Women may hesitate to participle in economy. However, the performance of female would not be worse than the male entrepreneurs. The purpose of the present study is to investigate the barriers that women faced in entering into business. This research will include the reasons of female participle in business activities, the differences of male and female entrepreneurs and the barriers of female entrepreneurs. 2. Reasons of female participle in business activities

“Self-determination, expectation for recognition, self-esteem and career goal are the key drivers for taking up entrepreneurship by women” (Moore & Buttner 1997). While men start their own businesses for growth opportunities and profit potential, most of women often become entrepreneurship in order to meet personal goals, for example: gaining feelings of achievement and accomplishment. In many instances, women consider financial success as an external confirmation of their ability rather than as a primary goal or motivation to start a business. Moreover, dismal economic conditions of the women arising out of unemployment in the family and divorce can compel women into entrepreneurial activities. 3. Differences between male and female entrepreneurs

“Women business owners are different from men business owners” argues Snowden McFall, president of Brightwork Advertising(Jan Magree 2007,p.8). Men and women have different view and decision making of running business. 3.1 Networking

Men have difficulty asking for help when it comes to something like their business. While women tend to be more sociable than men. It is important that to socialize with people in an unfamiliar environment, it is strength to be outgoing and well-connected. Even men who are sociable tend to focus more on meet the right people, those who can help them get ahead than women do. Therefore, women are more likely to build up a new social network for business and they are more able to meet new people. It is easier for women become entrepreneurs.

3.2 Management and leadership
Women tend to be natural multitaskers that can be a great advantage in start-ups. While entrepreneurs normally have one core skill, they also need to be involved in many different aspects of their business. However, this can also be negative. A woman will look at a task that needs to get done and even something she doesn’t like or want to do, she would finish by herself regardless of any situation. It refers to this as the do-it-yourself trap. Men don’t seem to fall into this trap so easily. Men go out and find someone to do the task for them, which grows an organization more quickly. As a result, men tend to be big picture thinkers, which is better for setting the tone and direction of the start-up. (Cynthia Kocialski 2011). Women tend to make decision by their emotion, they are not decisive to lead a company. However, men are more rational and better leadership skill. 4. Barriers of female entrepreneurs

The entrepreneurial process is the same for male and female, but there are many problems faced by women in practice. It can divide into different fields: 4.1 Family position
Women’s family and personal obligations are sometimes a great barrier for succeeding in business career. Only few women are able to...

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