Women Entrepreneurship as a Barrier to Success in Bangladesh

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A woman entrepreneur is defined as a woman who has alone or with one or more partners started or inherited a business, and is eager to take financial, administrative, and social risks and responsibilities, and participate in the day-to-day management activities (UNDP, 2004). Women in Asian countries like India, Myanmar and Bangladesh have played and also are playing a good role in politics. So, Bangladeshi women are enjoying freedom to join politics as well as business. But compared with the Unites States and the European countries, the number is still poor. In fact, women entrepreneurship development is a challenging phenomenon in Bangladesh as women are lagged behind (economically and socially) compared to men. Generally, women are more victimized as because of their illiteracy, unawareness, unorganized, powerless or less political representation, deprivation, rigid social customs, religious constrains and injustice by their counter partners particularly in rural area. Women constitute about a half of the total population in Bangladesh. So for proper representation of women in the arena of entrepreneurship development, "women should constitute 50 per cent of the country's total entrepreneurs." But the ground reality is totally different. "The ratio is not even 10 per cent. The actual ratio is much lower than that. We do not know the exact number of women entrepreneurs in the country,” There is no real information on how many women entrepreneurs exist in the country.


In Bangladesh women entrepreneurs are coming up. If the last 10 years are taken into account, it will be clear that the number of women entrepreneurs has increased significantly. But the ratio of women entrepreneurs to their male counterparts is very low. In the recent years countries like Bangladesh have started paying attention to women. Women entrepreneurs have improved their living conditions and earned more respect in the family and the society. The progress has been attained due to government policy supports and involvement of financial institution along with other support services. Bangladesh Bank (central bank of Bangladesh) issues policy guideline for scheduled banks to give priority to women while disbursing Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) credit. Meanwhile, good number of NGO-MFIs offers microfinance services to the women involving actively in micro, small and medium enterprises.

Women entrepreneurs in Bangladesh face a range of challenges, including social and economic barriers, and networking and management constraints. Some of these challenges can be addressed through targeted government policies, including allocation of sufficient budget funds to support women entrepreneurs. In recent years, the Bangladesh Women Chamber of Commerce has been particularly active in promoting such policies. In particular, we are advocating the creation of a separate budget line item of one billion taka (approximately US $13.5 million) to create a National Women’s Entrepreneurship Development Fund. Such a fund could be designed to address various issues, including access to credit, training for women entrepreneurs, and better market access for women.


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“Entrepreneurship is the process where an individual or group of individuals, through organized efforts, risk time and money in pursuit of opportunities to create value and grow through innovation, regardless of the resources they currently control” (Robbins & Coulter, 1996). What is the difference between Small business management and Entrepreneurship? As in his book, Timothy S. Hatten explains entrepreneurship is the process of identifying opportunities for which marketable needs exists and assuming the risk of creating an organization to satisfy them. On the other hand, a small business management is the contrast of an entrepreneurship. It is the ongoing process of owning and operating an established business...
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