Entrepreneurs Personality for Being Successful in Business

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Entrepreneurs Personality for Being Successful in Business

Miss. Sarita Ghanshyam Tiwari,

(M.Com. M. Phil.)
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Business success may causes due to many factors, but the greatest determinant of the business success is the entrepreneur himself / herself. Therefore, the question of what makes a successful entrepreneur is very important. There have been many answers to this question. Some people think entrepreneurs are born, others that they are made. Some see entrepreneurs as passionate leaders with a vision that is totally focused on one objective, while others describe them as compulsive controller. Some says entrepreneurs are risk takers while others say they are risk averse. All of these words may describe some entrepreneurs but they do not describe all successful entrepreneurs. There is no doubt that entrepreneur’s diploma’s, business knowledge and skills play an important role in business growth and success, but the personality of the entrepreneur is even more important. Recent researches in the field of psychology suggest that personality has a great deal to do with being a successful entrepreneur.

This paper highlights the personality traits and essential factors of personality determinant of a successful entrepreneur and how does an entrepreneur’s personality can influence a business. The paper also reviews some notable Indian entrepreneur’s and their entrepreneurial work for justification of the topic.

Why certain people successfully starting and growing a business and others are not? Is it just luck or being in the right place at the right time? Someone can say it is just luck while others can say it is timing. But it also involves other factors too. Recent research in the field of psychology suggests that personality has a great deal to do with being a successful entrepreneur. This may raise many questions in one’s mind such as what is meant by personality? Can it be developed or is it inborn? Which aspects does it carry? Is it really necessary for an entrepreneur? Does it have any impact on the business growth? etc. Personality Meaning:

Many people mistake the meaning of personality. They take the physical appearance and various external characteristics of an individual as his or her personality. As they talk about a marvelous personality they may refer to the height, weight, stature and complexion. Well, if you think that it is just the appearance of the physique of a person that determines the personality, then it is time to have a rethink. It is true that physical appearance does matter. However, since most of them are beyond our power and control. Physical appearance is just 10% of the total personality of an individual and not having a long lasting impact on others. There are many other aspects that contribute greatly to one’s personality, which are 90% of the total personality. These aspects involve character, behavior and attitude.

Basically, personality development is the improvement of behavior, communication skills, interpersonal relationships, attitude towards life and ethics. Character can be considered the basic factor in determining an individual’s personality. It is the fact that all other factors behind a powerful personality will become useless if the person lacks a good character and behavior.

Personality is like a building. Just a building can exist only when it has a strong foundation, a personality can impress others only when it has a formidable basis. And the strong foundation is supplied by character and behavior. If personality is developed on the solid base of values and ethics, it will last forever. Fake smiles and mannerisms may attract others for a comparatively short period. However, they are short-lived and do not help in improving one’s personality. In order to pinpoint this exactly take a look to a simple example. A book with decorative cover page...

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