Earth Science Test Questions

Topics: Oxygen, Earth, Water Pages: 2 (292 words) Published: March 11, 2015

1. What do earth scientists study? (Points : 3)
       plant cells
       farming methods

2. Underwater earthquakes may cause which of the following? (Points : 3)        hurricane
       asteroid impact

3. Many scientists believe that the dinosaurs disappeared as the result of which of the following? (Points : 3)        asteroid impact
       volcanic eruption

4. Why study earth science? (Points : 3)
       to understand how plants reproduce
       to reduce pollution from cars
       to cure certain diseases
       to predict planetary changes

5. Which of the following makes up the atmosphere? (Points : 3)        water
       all living things
       the air around us

6. Mountains are part of which earth sphere?       (Points : 3)        hydrosphere




7. What is the process called in which water vapor and carbon dioxide retain heat?       (Points : 3)        plate tectonics

       continental drift

       radioactive decay

       greenhouse effect

8. What does the hydrosphere include? (Points : 3)

9. What is the cryosphere? (Points : 3)
       earth's crust
       molten rock
       earth's ice

10. Which of the following is an example of how the geosphere can affect the atmosphere? (Points : 3)        tidal wave
       volcanic eruption

11. A major concern about increasing global temperatures is that a large portion of polar ice could detach and melt into the ocean. If this happened, which two spheres would interact? (Points : 3)        geosphere and atmosphere

       cryosphere and biosphere
       hydrosphere and atmosphere
       cryosphere and hydrosphere

12. From what does the ozone layer protect...
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