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„Types of atmosphere in O. Henry’s short stories”

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The topic of this research goes around a very interesting and useful topic: “the atmosphere”. I chose this topic because the atmosphere is one of those leading factors which form the reader a certain impression upon the text. It is not only a word or some words which characterize the atmosphere; it is an entire notion and comprises more details than it seems to. Atmosphere is a remarkable tool used my all the authors in order to impress, to make their words interesting for reading. The atmosphere colours the text, no matter what kind of text that is, and thus it is interesting for discussion and analysis. It is devoted to a perfect understanding of this notion, thus to distinguish the different types of atmosphere as well as to present the arguments for those conclusions.

The primary task of this research is to distinguish the main types of atmosphere in different texts and to bring the arguments supporting the point of view exposed by the researcher. Thus, the work exposed in this research paper should follow this condition.

The objectives of this research paper are:
1. To analyze the concept of “atmosphere”
2. It follows the purpose of understanding the concept of “different types of atmosphere” 3. To find out all the peculiarities of “atmosphere”
4. It has to reveal the function of usage of “atmosphere” 5. It has the purpose of looking through different sources of “Stylistics” 6. To search through O. Henry’s short stories
7. Finding examples which demonstrate one or another type of atmosphere 8. It has to distinguish between the main types of atmosphere found and give supporting examples 9. It has to reflect the conclusions on the work that was done 10. It has to bring arguments regarding the researcher’s personal point of view The methods of investigation used while making this paper go into the following main categories: Research


When talking about the concept of atmosphere in literature, we cannot but mention its definition, which allows us to understand it better. Atmosphere - is a dominant feeling or tone created by a literary work. It is the author who creates the atmosphere through the usage of various Stylistic Devices and Expressive Means, through the description of the setting and of the characters. Thus, we should consider atmosphere in literature as a component that talks about the tone and emotion behind the piece. What sets the atmosphere apart from the tone is that the tone refers to the way the emotions are portrayed with words, whereas the atmosphere is simply the emotional content. The atmosphere can be identified by looking for descriptions of the state of the setting or characters. Atmosphere is the overall emotion the reader gets from a piece of writing. In order to have the information presented structurally, we should present different types of atmosphere and supporting arguments, from different moments in different short stories texts. It should be mentioned that the atmosphere is always CHANGEABLE during the story, thus we cannot speak about one fixed type of atmosphere for the entire story.

The optimistic type of atmosphere
We will consider the “optimistic” type of atmosphere. It is shown in numerous O. Henry’s short stories, due to the fact that he had a good sense of humor and a pleasant manner of presenting the brighter side of the things to the reader. This type of atmosphere is shown in the story “Mammon and the Archer”. Firstly it is presented by the main character – Anthony Rockwell, the retired manufacturer. Though the main feature of his character is not optimism, Anthony Rockwell is...
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