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During which moth does the minimum value for atmospheric CO2 concentrations occur for the years 1996

By lizethmileny123 May 11, 2015 254 Words
1.) During which moth does the minimum value for atmospheric CO2 concentrations occur for the years 1996-2000? September
2.) During which moth does the minimum value for atmospheric CO2 concentrations occur for the years 1996-2000? April 1999, and the rest are in May.
3.) Based on your knowledge of the relationship between photosynthesis and CO2 explain why CO2 concentrations throughout the year. In the summer flowers remove CO2 while in the winter plants cannot remove CO2 from the atmosphere. 4.) Based on your knowledge of the relationship between the burning of fossil fuels and CO2 give another reason for the cyclic nature of CO2 concentrations throughout the year. Most fossils are burnt during the winter. The CO2 concentrations are usually higher in the winter than in the summer. 5.) Look at the data table for atmospheric CO2 concentrations for the years 1959-1963. In parts per million, by how much did the annual average increase between 1959 and 1963? What was the largest increase between two years during the period from 1959-1963? 3.01ppm; 0.93ppm-1959-1960

6.) 6.76 ppm 2.87ppm-1997-1998
7.) How does the trend in CO2 concentrations changing over time? It’s increasing.
8.) Name two ways that the increase in atmospheric CO2 concentrations could be slowed down. Stop deforestation and plant more trees and plants. Decrease the amount of fossil fuels being burnt and start using more natural sources. 9.) Answ: No, and yes. Maybe because in 1996-2000 it’s about the same as at the CO2 concentrations.

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