Dysfunctional Department in the work place

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Running Header: Dysfunctional Department

Dysfunctional Department
Within My Organization
Professor – Dr. Cedric Alford
Managerial Decision-Making (MGMT530)
October 18, 2014

Table of Contents
Executive Summary3
Introduction – Overview of Decision Problem3
Problem Statement3
Summary of Key Objectives:5
Description of Alternatives:7
Consequence Table with Original Values: Title8
Ranking Alternatives: Title8
Scoring Model: Title9
Weighted Scoring Model: Title10
Risk Profile: Title11
Implementation, Monitoring and Control12
Works Cited14

Executive Summary
Conflict in the workplace is a fact of life and creating a work environment that enables people to succeed is imperative for any organization to achieve their goals. Because people have different goals and needs, so is each department of an organization. Conflict unfortunately is inevitable because individuals interpret and respond differently to situations. The dissimilarities in people is not a bad thing, however it’s the arrogances/attitudes that arise that may make a situation a negative one. In my work place I have been seeing a really bad connections between the departments that supposedly working together to bring better solutions to our students. Having a competitive attitude in the workforce is a good characteristic; this is the attitude that drives some individuals to do good and bad thing between departments that causes major chaos in the work place. In a perfect world nobody ever wishes for prob¬lems at work. Our workplace would have been harmoni¬ous and peaceful, as everyone working to their full potential and feeling fulfilled in their careers. However, as with any circumstances that brings people together, problems can arise. These issues that have been arise at my work place started with the managers in charge of the departments. Their personalities are so different; they don’t know how to approach each other. They are no harmony between the managers; it seems as if they are working against each other. They like to make each other look bad just so their department can be in the spotlight as the great department. In reality the departments are not working together, the person end up suffering is the student that we need to service. They do not realize if they were working together, they could have done a better job. Introduction – Overview of Decision Problem

Problem Statement
Problems usually happen in the workplace and most of the time it happens when there is poor communications between employees and more importantly between departments. We understand that problems are a natural result of human interaction; therefore solutions can and should be found through them. In order to find the solution, one must be aware there is a problem and seek for solutions. In my work place the departments are not working for the same goal, though they think they are. They are more competitions between the department and the managers than working together. They are working against each other, because they believe their departments are more important than the other. There is a lack of communication between each of the department; each department needs to realize they can’t do their job without the other. They rather point fingers toward each other than solving a problem together. In order for the department to work together, the managers need to learn or willing to work together. Managing conflict is indeed one of the most important skills a manager needs to possess. They have to understand that the environment you work in can have an impact on how well you do your job. Having great communication within your department is one thing; not having a great communication between other departments can also cause lots of discomfort. A pleasant workplace is essential for all parties involved, managers/ employees and departments. Understanding each...

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