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I believe drawing is the single most important skill for any visual artist to acquire, whether they are a painter, illustrator, graphic designer, or fashion designer. It is simply the act of "seeing" made visual. When one learns how to draw, what they are really learning is the ability to see more clearly and communicate what they see or can imagine. As such, drawing is a tool for study, and communication even before it is a tool for making art. When you draw a picture, do you draw the character in blocks first or what? I just can't seem to get my characters anatomically right. I saw your booklist on your site. Do you know of any books which teach you to draw the body in blocks? From Christine Lau

I don't draw "blocks" first when drawing a figure. Usually I'll do a very loose, light, scribbly "gesture" drawing instead. If you want to learn the "blocks" method, try any of the books by George Bridgeman, Andrew Loomis, or the books by Robert Beverly Hale. (all are listed on my site) Avoid books by Burne Hogarth, (one of my old teachers) as they aren't very accurate and can be very misleading. (note: Glenn Vilppu's books are also an excellent source!) By far, the best book for anatomy though is the book by Stephen Rogers Peck (also on the site). There is no "quick fix" for drawing anatomy...it just takes a few years of study. Keep it up though, it's worth it once you get a handle on it!!! p.s. Also, draw from live nude models as much as possible, that's the best method to learn it. ...What is the hardest thing to draw?

From Everybody!
Nothing is really harder or easier to draw in a mechanical sense. If a person can draw one thing, they are perfectly capable of drawing something else with the same degree of accuracy. The problem is in the phrase "the same degree of accuracy." If someone says they can draw, for instance, landscapes, but they can't draw people, what they are really saying is, "when I draw landscapes, I draw well enough that...
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