Drafting a Law

Topics: Parking, Automobile, Property Pages: 2 (487 words) Published: May 3, 2013
Oswaldo Lopez

Draft a Law.
After numerous complaints from citizens, and numerous accidents portraying to this situation about the whole double parked situation. Requests have been made for laws that should be added to stop this situation. We are alert of the situation and have a few solutions and ordinance show that there is no specific way of how one can park. But it has come our attention that it should be enforced.

The Corey Town Legislative Drafting Commission has decided to enforce the taking of two parking spots in the town’s street, parking lots, private properties and so forth. Lately citizens have been taking for granted the rules and regularities of this town and have taken upon themselves to take two spaces and fill it with only one automobile. And have taken upon them to try and get away with it by paying one parking meter instead of paying for the two spots. Henceforth, the following is and shall be overlooked.

With this new law we would like to keep citizens form taking it upon them from taking two parking spots or parking side by side next to a parked vehicle. Doing so has been resulting in accidents and loss or damage of property such as the following: * “Keying cars” citizens run there key around the vehicle that is parked and do damage to the paint of the vehicle.

* When they try to get out from the parking spot they force themselves out of a little area and end up damaging their and the other owner, who double parked, car.

* They try to get revenge and break in the car and steal any personal property in the vehicle.

* Fights have broken out because of this incident and rare cases of death.
* Accidents in the street due to a parked car being in the right or left side of the raod.

To fix the problem we have decided on a Penal Code Section 1105 PC 1105 That if found parked on two parking spaces or double parking a fine, towing of the vehicle, suspension, custody of the car. Fine.

* A...
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