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Sub: Do & Don’t while attending the Majlis As we go about our daily ritual routines during this blessed period of Ayyam ul Aza, here are a few things to try to make our remembrance of Abi Abdillah al Imam al Husain (AS) a more lasting and rewarding experience: 01) Do Wudu(ablution) and wear clean clothes to attend Majlis.
02) Try to be on time in Majlis.
03) Don't stand outside and enter before the start of Majlis.
04) Switch off or keep your mobiles on silent mode before entering the Masjid/Majlis.
05) Try to adjust yourself where ever you find place.
06) Do not park your vehicles at wrong place and block the gate of any person. It will cause nuisance and inconvenience to others.
07) Don't cross-talk among your friends in the Majlis because others will listen carefully the Biyaan.
08) Don't waste the Niyaz(Tabarruk served after Majlis), because it is a medicine for incurable diseases.
09) While attending Niyaz, don’t crack jokes and talk un-related topics other than Aza al Husain.
11) Avoid Riyakari as it is a very dangerous and incurable disease which leads directly to Jahannam.
12) Always attend Majlis with your full family, and take feedback from your children.

List of the Al-Haadi Lawazam receieved from Mumbai Subscriber in shahrullaah 1434 till Year 1435

1.Abbas.S.Petiwala . 51-A,Ayeshabai Bldg,1st Floor,R.No-14 Mastan tank Cross Lane,Nagpada Mumbai-400008 2. Abbasali.Ayyubali.Poonawala. Room. No.27, 3rd Floor, 50/52 Good Luck Building, Samvel Street ,Dongri, Mumbai -400009.
2/2102,Challenger Tower, Opp Thakur Tower,,Thakur Village, Kandivili(E),Mumbai-400101 4.Abbasbhai.M.Lala C/0.Standard Tin Works Pvt. Ltd. 5, Amar

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