doesnt matter where you come from

Topics: Brain, Mind, Cognition Pages: 2 (515 words) Published: April 17, 2014
Annette Davis
English 121
The response to how the two sides of the Brain works. In the chapter 1 of the whole new mind the author explain his theory on the two sides of the people of the world brains. Everyone knows you have a left side and a right side of your brain, and each side is for different reasons. Now in this book he wants you to know about the whole brain in chapter one he goes on to tell you that about each side and how it works through his words and facts and information he has found. The whole brain itself is for, leading you to happiness, good health, and have a successful life. Throughout your brain that is where both sides work together as a whole. So on the left side is for your brain is the thinking part of and the functional, textual, literal side. The right side of the brain is for simultances, and metaphorical, aesthetic contextual and synthetic side of the brain. This means the left side is the drive the willing to be something in life. Right side of the brain is not so much into being in the professional part of the working together with its left side partner it rather just do what eve comes to mind.

Now you asked us to answer if this was relevant or not? In this case I see it being relevant, yes/no. Now no, because it was very informational and makes you think does this really happen every day? Is my brain really set up like the man that wrote the book said it is? No because a lot of people study brains and they all don’t have the same theory as him. And it was a bit boring to me it was too technical and boring. Though I like to read just not about science and how the brain works. I don’t agree with him simply because like I said earlier many people study the brain how is I to know that his facts and data are true. Like the story for instance about the slave who was actually stronger than the machine. But he dies right after beating the machine so how was that proven or even true abut...
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