Brain and Behavior

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Chapter 2 Brain and Behavior

The cerebral cortex outer layer of the cerebrum has the two largest hemispheres that covers the upper part of the brain which are divided into smaller portion called lobes. Corticalization is an increase in size of the wrinkling of the cortex and without this we would not be any smarter than any other animal. Cerebral hemispheres are divided into right and left halves of the cortex connected by thick band axon fibers called corpus. Hemispheric specialization, testing only one side of the brain by a process called the Split Brain operation, which is essentially a person with two brains in one body. The corpus callosum is cut, to control severe epilepsy (seizure disorder), but this operation is rare and is often used as a last resort. One brain two sides; the left brain analysis breaking information into parts and about 95% of people use the left brain to speak, write, and understand. This includes, time sense movements and rhythm. The right side of the brain processes information by using nonverbal responses such as, pointing at objects, simple language comprehension, recognition of pattern and most of all recognizing and expressing of emotion. Lobes of the cerebral Cortex are larger fissures on the surface of the cortex. The Frontal lobes which is also known as the primary motor which is a very small portion of the cerebral cortex. The cerebral cortex is responsible for reasoning planning, mental abilities, sense of self and motor control. This area contains mirror neurons, which becomes active when you observed some else and then you carried out the same action. The association areas which surrounds the cerebral combines and processes information. Other areas in the association control higher abilities such as language, when the brain fails to function properly it might have damage to the association in the left area hemisphere and may suffer aphasia, an impaired ability to use language. Broca’s Area is a type of aphasia related...
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