Answer: Brain and Salivary Gland Secretion

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Mapping the Brain

Draw a Brain ( or Download if you want) Label the diagram of the brain to show or answer the following questions.

1.Is this a drawing of the left side or the right side of the brain? What are the particular functions of that side of the brain as compared to the other hemisphere? Right side of the brain

Left side functions: considered to be adept at taskRight side functions: best at expressive that involve logic, language and analytical thinking. and creative task.

2.Where is the front of the brain? Where is the back?
Front of the brain is located at the front of each cerebral hemisphere

3.Label the cerebrum and cerebellum and describe their functions.

Cerebral functions: controls complex Cerebellar functions: controls balance thought processes. And maintains muscle coordination.

4.Label the four lobes of the cerebral cortex.

5.Label the motor cortex and describe its function.

it is responsible for sending motor commands to the muscles of the somatic nervous system.

6.Label the visual cortex and describe its function.
It helps to identify and make sense of visual information from the eyes.

7.Label the auditory cortex and describe its function.
The sense of taste are seem to be processed in this area.

8.Label the somatosensory cortex and describe its function. It receives information about the sense of touch and body position.

9.Label Broca’s and Wernicke’s areas and describe their functions. Broca’s area is an area in the right frontal lobe with a small portion of population and it allows the person to speak smoothly and fluently. Wernicke’s area is the area of the brain appears to be involved in understanding the meaning of the words.

10.Where would you expect to find neurons in this drawing and how big would...
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