Does Having a Degree Increase Job Opportunities

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Alejandra Fuentes
Professor Antina D. Gibson
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4 March 2012

Does Having a Degree Increase Job Opportunities?
There are employment opportunities for individuals with and without a degree. However, with a degree, it is possible to explore more options and create a better future. While there are employment opportunities for those who do not have a college degree, earning a degree is important because it opens the door to gainful employment, allows one to negotiate benefits, and helps one remain employed.

Having a degree will increase the opportunities of landing gainful employment. College graduates have more jobs to choose from. The more years of education one has completed, the more opportunities he or she will have as a potential hire. Some employers would not even consider interviewing a job seeker who has no college level education, and many employers prefer hiring a candidate with a college degree. For example, if an employer has to choose between two candidates with the same experience and skills, but one has a degree and the other does not, the employer will most likely choose the candidate with the college degree. A college degree proves that a candidate is qualified and has knowledge of his field. Employers know that if a candidate has a degree, he will not need as much training as those without one.

Also, a college degree allows one to negotiatebenefits such as a higher paying salary, promotions, health insurance, and retirement plans. Employees with a college degree tend to get paid more than those who only have a high school diploma. A college degree gives employees the support to aspire to management positions with any company. Unskilled employees can only aspire to being in charge of a small team of equally unskilled peers, and may not be offered full time positions with better benefit packages. Promotions are based on employment motivation, quality of work, and the ability to get along with others. A degree...
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