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College Is Worthwhile

By cmitch22 Jun 12, 2015 619 Words
 Crystal Mitchell
Mr. Allen
ENG 101
December 8, 2014
College: Is It Worth the Cost?
Today in America going to college is more of a necessity than an option; however, college is expensive. Most people cannot afford the upfront cost of tuition and fees along with the additional costs of dorms, meals, textbooks, and other supplies to attend college. Because of this many students resort to taking out student loans that could potentially cost them more in the future. With the cost of attending college constantly rising many people are finding themselves asking the question of rather or not college is really worth the cost. Also, some people feel that going to college is a waste of time. Some feel this way because not all jobs require degrees, so they feel there is no purpose in spending long hours at an institution obtaining one. Others feel that they should not be required to meet the general education requirements of most colleges, but should instead be able to use the time taking classes relevant to their career field. Many people argue that because of these reasons college is not worthwhile. However, despite these facts, going to college has several benefits that make it very valuable.

Firstly, college graduates make more money over the course of a lifetime and have more job opportunities than people without degrees. College graduates on average make about one million dollars more in a lifetime than people with only a high school diploma. This is because college graduates have a better chance of getting and keeping a job, and these jobs pay more. The main reason for this is that there is less competition for jobs that require a degree so there is always a need for employees which means more job security.

Secondly, in college people make lifetime connections and broaden their horizons. During college students meet a wide variety of people from different backgrounds than themselves. The connections that students make with these individuals can prove very beneficial to them especially after they graduate. Many of these people that students meet in college could help them to advance their careers after they graduate. For example, their professors may recommend them for employment to others in their field. Also, they could be meeting future business partners, bosses, or employees. Thirdly, college helps young adults in becoming more responsible. When people go to college, for most, it is the first time most people are practically on their own. It is completely different from being in high school and being dependent on parents and teachers for everything from reminders and help with homework to finances. In college, students face circumstances that they would most likely encounter when completely on their own. College students have to pay bills, manage time efficiently, and be sure to meet deadlines. And if they don’t there may be minor and/or serious consequences that they have to deal with just like in the “real world.”

Many people argue that going to college is not worthwhile because it is too expensive and is a waste of time, but there are many advantages of going to college that prove how valuable the college experience can be. College students are able to gain stable careers with great pay after graduation, are able to network with the people they meet while in college in order to advance their future careers, and can gain a sense of responsibility to help them mature. So, even though college has its cons, it is challenging and exciting, and can be the best time of a person’s life. It is an experience that can and will set the precedent for the rest of a person’s life if they choose to go.

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