Does God Really Exist?

Topics: Universe, Ontology, God Pages: 2 (494 words) Published: August 1, 2013
In this world everybody is puzzled about the creation of humanity.Some people believe in the existence of the God and some don't.Some people search for eternal peace through the beliefs in God;but this is an impossible belief because of the chances ,the plausibility and science is yet to prove it. God generally refers to one holy,supreme, personal being. The divine unity of ultimate goodness and of ultimate reality.It was not possible to visualise the concept of this perfect being because one can only imagine an image when one has the idea of what the image is supposed to resemble.There is no idea behind the image therefore the image itself can't exist.The ontological argument is impressive to the average mind but to others it's deception is clear.Even if the theist could prove this miraculous being's existence he still wouldn't be able to link that "being" with God . The argument for God's existence from design has also generated controversy among philosophers and society. It is said that the complex order and design of the universe is obviously work of an intelligent architect. The complex design of the world also proves to a grand designer the[God]. Five ways of proving which proves god's existence;argument from motion, efficient cause, possibility and necessity,the gradation to be found in things and governance of the world. first argument states nothing can be sent in to motion without being pushed by another or original mover, thus enhancing the plausibility of the existence of god. Scientist like Darwin claimed random mutation and natural selection was responsible foe the complexities be observed in animal kingdom. Some say there is no way to logically link something unknown in thew world to something known in the world. this is just common sense to me.At the best the teleological argument can only suggest the plausibility if a grand architect and cannot prove evidence that universe was created. Assuming that the universe is randomly formed and there...
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