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Francis Giovanni I. Gianan BS Nursing Last two meetings in our Theology 4 which is about Christian morality, we have discussed about the nature of self and distinction or difference of Moral philosophy from Moral theology. We elaborated “self” or what is really the meaning of “self”. When someone ask you to describe yourself, we just say our name, age, gender, where we live, our personal attributes and characteristics and so on and so forth. Those are only references...

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Theology Focus Paper Theology is the study of religion and is an attempt to understand God as he is revealed in the Bible. Charles Hodge is well known for his leadership with Calvinism in America, along with his theological writings. Hodge always argued for authority of the Bible as the Word of God and develops his theological concepts in his book, “The Introduction to Hodge’s Systematic Theology”. Hodge’s ideas are very to the point and he quickly dissects theology being a science by making...

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Theology 201: Theology Proper

Theology 201 Theology Proper The study of God is known as Theology Proper. This study is vital in knowing and experiencing the one true God. God goes by many names and He has revealed Himself to us, through His word and though revelation. By studying Theology Proper we can discover much about the Character of God like His attributes, His law and His will. When studying Theology Proper there are two different...

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Calvinistic Theology

Calvinistic Theology * There are two ways to know God: 1) Through sensus divinitas (natural sense of God). This is an a priori way. 2) Through observing the nature (natural theology). This is an a posteriori way. * The knowledge of God is not restricted to Christians. Anyone who looks for God, either through reflection or observing the nature will be able to arrive at the idea of God. * Our knowledge of God is not complete. This is because there is an ontological gulf between...

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What is Theology

also in me.” This passage of scripture is the premises of theology. Webster’s dictionary defines theology as “The science of God or religion, the science which treats the existence, character, and attributes of GOD his laws and what one believes in.” A.H. Strong who is a twentieth century theologian said that theology is “the science of GOD and the relation between GOD and the Universe. There are some who contest and believe that theology is not a very important subject. They further believe that...

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Theology of Grace

Theology of Grace There are many different ways to interpret the theology of grace. In this paper, I will be discussing four major theologians who have the most popular insights on grace. These theologians include Augustine, Aquinas, Luther, and Rahner who all have their own unique perspective on grace. All of their theories seem to intertwine with one another but each individual one has a different twist that makes them slightly different. The first theologian I’m going to discuss is Augustine...

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Theology Of Suffering

Anabella Morabito 02/23/2015 Spirituality and Justice The Divine Milieu: Theology of Suffering In speaking of the Holocaust and a theology and suffering and solidarity, Rabbi Irving Greenberg gave an image which compelled me when I first heard of it in my Liberation Christology class. Goizueta paraphrased the statement in saying “To stand over a pit of burning children and say ‘God is love’, is incredible and obscene. In the face of that kind of unconscionable cruelty the only credible statement...

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Retribution Theology

relationship with their God. But, if they failed to keep their end of the bargain, God would have to punish them. Retribution theology is the belief that those who are obedient to God are called righteous and will be blessed, while those that are disobedient are wicked and will be cursed (Tullock 2006). From the beginning of Exodus and beyond the Babylonian Exile, retribution theology was prevalent in the lives of Israel. The Old Testament writings reiterate God’s faithfulness towards Israel. “The...

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Psychology and Theology

4-MAT Review: Psychology, Theology and Spirituality in Christian Counseling Freda Taylor Liberty University 4-MAT Review: Psychology, Theology and Spirituality in Christian Counseling McMinn, M. (1996). Psychology, Theology, and Spirituality in Christian Counseling. Carol Stream, IL: Tyndale House Publishers, Inc. ISBN: 0-8423-5252-X). Summary The Psychology, Theology, and Spirituality in Christian Counseling is the thought provoking book of McMinn which was published in...

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Queer Theology

Queer theology Definition Queer is by definition whatever is at odds with the normal, the legitimate, the dominant. There is nothing in particular to which it necessarily refers. It is an identity without an essence. 'Queer' then, demarcates not a positivity but a positionality vis-à-vis the normative A "pro-feminist gay theology" was proposed by J. M. Clark and G. McNeil in 1992, and a "queer theology" by Robert Goss in Jesus acted up: A gay and lesbian manifesto ( Explain two of the main...

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