Diversity at Ibm & Tata

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Diversity at IBM

Who we are
IBM is a leading technology and services organisation of nearly 400,000 highly skilled professionals working in 170 countries, helping to solve some of the world's biggest problems. More about us
IBM has a long history of commitment to diversity and has consistently taken the lead on diversity policies long before it was required by law. A workplace that includes everyone and excludes no one. This means we create a safe environment where each individual is valued for the characteristics that make them unique. IBM believes diversity is a no-brainer – it's the fuel of creativity and innovation, the key to attracting, retaining and motivating talented people, and a critical differentiator in today's business and workplace environment.  As part of its diversity agenda, IBM proactively supports its lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender population, with a Diversity Council, executive sponsors and champions and an LGBT networking group. IBM Diversity Council

The IBM Diversity councils are a global initiative and were created to increase the focus on diversity issues. Chaired by the country CEO, the council is made up of Executive Sponsors, Diversity Program Managers and Diversity Networking Group leads. Through the council, IBM’s intention is to ensure that its workforce represents an environment which visibly encourages and values the contributions and differences of employees from various backgrounds. Diversity council objectives include:

* heightening employee awareness
* increasing management sensitivity, and
* encouraging the effective utilization of IBM's diverse workforce. Diversity Networking Groups
Diversity Networking Groups consist of IBM employees who voluntarily come together with the ultimate goal of enhancing the success of IBM's business objectives by helping their members become more effective in the workplace through meeting and teaming, networking, mentoring and coaching, community outreach, planning and implementing social, cultural, and educational events, developing professional skills and enhancing recruitment and welcoming programs. We have six Diversity Networking Groups: * EAGLE, Employee Alliance for Gay, Lesbian Empowerment,

* WIT - Women in Technology
* PwD Diversity Networking group
* Work Life Diversity Networking Group
* Cultural Diversity Networking Group
Learning and Development
IBM has invested in many career tools, resources, and processes for managers and employees professional development. Last year a new Career Development portal was launched which is a simple, easy-to-understand package of career development resources. Employees can plan their development, gain skills and experience, and track their progress.  Manager support for employee development has been enhanced through specific workshops and programs and training sessions dedicated to Diversity & Inclusion and working cross culturally. Who we’re looking for

At IBM, we’re striving to make the planet a smarter place.  To do that we need diversity of thought. And that means diversity of people. Creative tension, opposing ideas, different outlooks. Unique backgrounds. These are the core ingredients of our competitive advantage. And by embracing this diversity at every turn, we’ve been recognised as a leader in the employment and advancement of women as well as people with a disability and gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender employees. More importantly though, we’re leveraging this competitive advantage to find solutions to the world’s biggest problems. Join IBM and help us create a smarter planet. An inclusive, collaborative culture has been the key to our success so far. Make sure you are part of it to share in our successes to come. http://www-07.ibm.com/employment/au/index1.html

Being LGBT, working here
IBM’s Diversity and Inclusion policies have included references to sexual orientation for over 20 years. IBM was one of the very first companies to do...
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