Diversity and Inclusion

Topics: Employment, Psychology, Inclusion Pages: 2 (419 words) Published: July 22, 2013
Diversity and Inclusion
Diversity is way more than what meets the eye. Just by looking at this picture most people would say that it is a group of African American women standing together and that no diversity exists. However what most people fail to realize is that diversity surpasses an individual race and skin tone. In this picture you have Jasmine who loves children and is studying to be a child psychologist. Then you have Kayla who enjoys horseback riding and the outside life. Next you have Ayoluwa who wants to be an architect and develop many buildings. Diversity also has a lot to do with an individual’s personality, traits, characteristics, and also behaviors. Providing diversity in the workplace is about embracing everyone’s ideas, thoughts, and ways that they handle different situations. Developing a diverse workplace that focuses on the inclusion of employees is a key component to the success and growth of an organization. There are many reasons as to why a company should inaugurate and push for cultural diversity in the workplace. When a company is diverse, it portrays a sense that the company distinguishes and appreciates the variances that occur in multiple backgrounds and also traits exhibited from others. Having a diverse work environment throughout a company profits from the standpoints of each individual. It is important to remember that having a diverse as well as inclusive atmosphere does not happen in just one day. This is a process and journey that permits for the growth personally by each employee. “Workplace diversity preserves the quality of employees’ relationships with their co-workers and their supervisors." (Mayhew,R., 2012) When the workplace is diverse, there is never a dull moment because bit and pieces are combined from each culture to enhance the organization. Diversity allows individuals to give their input and techniques when it comes to accomplishing task. It functions as a learning experience to the different...
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