Topics: Controversy, Controversies, Argumentative Pages: 3 (974 words) Published: December 21, 2012
Amanda June
Mr. Hill
English AP
September 9, 2012
Dissent vs. Disagreement
Daniel J. Boorstin’s excerpt of distinction between dissent and disagreement is a true statement. A strong dissent between one topic leads to a quarrel, whilst, disagreeing shows a milder answer that leads to only a simple argument. By examining the outcomes and circumstances in which they are used, it becomes clear that disagreement and dissent have different meanings in context.

Disagreement occurs when one topic isn’t supported by or agreed by all people. Often it results into an argument which is a mild outcome for disagreeing, after hearing both point of views, the opposing side usually comes to a realization and be aware of the points. Most of the time it leads to a compromise so both sides can be at peace with their points. The outcome of disagreeing is a milder process of dissension. Having to disagree towards a subject or idea shows that objection is not as strong for a quarrel to take place. For example, if two people would disagree over a theme of a book, it would only lead to an argument. Then after all the process of debating, it would come to an end. Having to disagree over a topic conveys that it is something not serious to be creating into a huge deal. From a school’s perspective, school board officials may have a conflict in whether the sport badminton should be cut from the sports program. The supporting side would support those students who specialize in badminton as their sport, they will not be able to enjoy a good experience in school since it’s a sport that only lasts for one season, students who are only able to play for a certain season which is badminton will not be able to attain a fall sports credit for their transcript. The other board official will want to cut the sport from the program. Opening the gym for the volleyball team two hours earlier after school will be more convenient rather than waiting two full hours till practice. For the benefit of...
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