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Topics: Marriage, Homosexuality, Bible Pages: 2 (638 words) Published: November 4, 2013

Interview with the Opposition: Gay Marriage

I chose to use this assignment as an opportunity to discuss my viewpoints on gay marriage with my wife. We tend to agree on most other subjects and really feed off of each other’s opinions and beliefs, so I thought maybe this assignment would help shine some light on why exactly we disagree. And maybe more importantly, which one of us is right (ha-ha-ha). I think it’s important to mention that we both come from very similar backgrounds. Having grown up only a few houses from each other, having the same amount of siblings, and same friends, not much about our upbringing differed. Except, that is, for the fact that I grew up in a deeply religious home. I attended church two to three times a week, participated in various church activities, and read the bible with my dad at least once a week.

Based on my religious background, it might be something of a surprise that I am in favor of gay marriage. This is a topic that I have given much thought to, and I have concluded that denying certain people a right that is freely granted to so many others is not only unjust, but also immoral. My wife opposes my viewpoint and argues that marriage is an institution designed to unify a man and a woman and no other variation should be considered acceptable. She attempted to solidify her argument by stating that homosexuality is something that is practiced willfully and not at all inherent. I opposed this by rebutting that homosexuality has in fact been proven to be a genetic disposition, but did concede that there are some people out there that aren’t really gay, just confused. She then stated that the bible condemned homosexuality. I have to say that her use of the bible as a source to back up her argument caught me off guard. She isn’t really religious, and barely even considered herself spiritual when we were first married. So, to hear her using the bible as a source was a little bizarre for me. I had actually already...
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