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Middle Class

Capturing the world’s emerging middle class David Court and Laxman Narasimhan Multinational companies need new “scale at speed” approaches to penetrate the developing world’s increasingly prosperous consumer markets. The rapidly growing ranks of middle-class consumers span a dozen emerging nations, not just the fast-growing BRIC countries,1 and include almost two billion people, spending a total of $6.9 trillion annually. Our research suggests that this figure will rise to $20 trillion...

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The Middle Class in America Is Radically Shrinking

The Middle Class in America Is Radically Shrinking. Here Are the Stats to Prove it Posted Jul 15, 2010 02:25pm EDT by Michael Snyder in Recession Related: ^DJI, ^GSPC, SPY, MCD, WMT, XRT, DIA • 1048

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 From The Business Insider Editor's note: Michael Snyder is editor of theeconomiccollapseblog.com The 22 statistics detailed here prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that the middle class is being systematically wiped out of existence...

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middle class in india

The Middle Class in India I was born in a middle class Indian family. Since the age I got to understand this world I saw my parents working hard all day and night. I learned at a very young age the struggles that my parents faced. I was good in studies from childhood and that was the biggest thing my parents were proud of. At the end of each long day my dad would say to my mom, "I will give my son the best education, he will not struggle like this. What I was unable to do, my son will do." My...

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Class Inequality

Shengche Ma (00781655) Essay 1: When I was taking my Social Psychology class, I was lucky divided into a group that had a female student who had a skinny body shape and a malnourished appearance, grew up in a poor family. She had several jobs to do and took many shifts that our group meeting time had to adjust according to her time schedule. In addition, she did not always show up in the group meeting. Every time she wasn’t there, we gossiped about her poor family background. We showed our sympathetic...

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Psychology Collaborative Investigation Report Stereotyping: “Whether Wealthy People Will Have Positive Stereotyping Towards Wealthy People Compared to Poor and Middle-Income People?"

Collaborative Investigation Report Stereotyping: “Whether wealthy people will have positive stereotyping towards wealthy people compared to poor and middle-income people?" Marcus Wong Soon Jie 1301G22053 SE 1 Taylor’s College, Subang Jaya Malaysia Ms. Audrey Chee A stereotype is the over generalized belief in a group of people or a class of people. Stereotyping is a process where our brains make generalization in order to make our life simpler. This phenomenon has occurred without us...

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Alpen Bank: Launching the Credit Card in Romania

opportunity exists for the launch of the credit card. It has to further decide how to position the card in the market, what should be the target audience for the service. The bank has currently established a premium image by targeting the affluent class. Core Problem: Whether to launch credit card if it adds € 5million profit to consumer bank segment within 2 years. The Alpen Bank seems hesitant to launch the credit card due to the existence of following problems: * Low per-capita income...

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First Wave Feminism Essay

different races and class divisions affected the feminist movement (Shaw & Lee). The movement of feminism was brought about by many: men, women, upper class women, African American men, and the divisions just keep going. Yet all these people believe in the same thing, so why cant they all stand together and profess it. If only it was that simple. Race was a key element of the first wave of U.S. feminism. Presented in the Documentary “Not for Ourselves Alone” viewed in class, a famous African American...

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The decline of the middle class

American dream; this is the middle class. These are the people who make the things we use; they are the backbone of America. Over the next 60 years, the technology will change the world and the way it does business. These changes will affect America’s working class, changing how Americans live. The Decline of the middle class could be related to industrial changes in business, stagnant wages and high taxes in America’s working class. Who is the America’s middle class? According to Jack Brubaker...

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Psychoanalytic Theory on Dacula

eventual overthrow of a dictatorship style government. Dracula and Trannsylvania represent an oppressed country being run by a dictator. Team Van Helsing, consisting of Van Helsing, Harker, Mina, Lucy, Seward, Holmwood, and Morris, represent the upper middle class of a neighboring country. When Dracula begins expanding his rule into Team Van Helsing’s country, they eventually revolt and overthrow him, In Dracula, Count Dracula represents a dictator ruling over an oppressed country, which is represented...

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Middle Class Morality

in the middle class disconnect themselves from anybody below them. Qualities and morals are basically not taken into consideration at all, but rather how polite, well dressed, or well spoken someone is around others. The audience is given an account of how lower class people, specifically Alfred Doolittle, transform themselves so the middle class will accept them. What he finds out along the way is that he must completely desert his old way of living and put on a front so the middle class people...

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What Brought to the French Revolution?

belonging to a hereditary class with high social or political status is called the “Nobles”. The Nobles had very few taxes on them while they collected taxes and rents from peasants while the peasants worked for both higher classes, the first estates and the second estate. The second estate, Nobles consisted of only 2% of the population but owned 35% of the countries land. Last but not least, This brings us to the third estate of peasants. Peasants are either Middles class, peasants or city workers...

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Is College Worth the Cost

generation by telling them that obtaining a college degree will make life better. Finally, Justin Pope took a different direction then his fellow writers. His first claim is that the middle-class is getting particularly squeezed with student loans in the pursuit of one. And his second claim is that students from middle income families rack up more in student loan debt on an average than other. With his first claim he gives data to support his evidence. The unemployment rate for all four-year graduates...

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Why Inspite of His Wish to Avoid Extreme Policies Did Louis Phillipe Fall from Power in 1848

introduced unpopular policies which led to his downfall.louis phillipe was a fine gentleman who was a bourgoise and any reform he was to introduce he would have to consider the middle4 class first,for example on the voting issue,the franchise proved to be narrow as it onlyenabled 200000 people to vote.the rich middle class were the only ones who could manage to vote hence leading to their domination in the parliament and this did not please the lesser bourgoise and the peasants who were left disenfranchised...

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To what extent does success in china depend on businesses changing their products and services in order to meet local needs?

demonstrate sophistication and the capability to afford a personal luxury for the up-and-coming middle class in China. This links into the brand recognition that Starbucks has created for itself and shows how they carefully targeted their products at the new middle class, it is estimated that it's more than 300 million, already larger than the entire population of the United States. This middle class is about 25% of the total Chinese population and as Starbucks has such a recognisable brand people...

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Fordism, Post-Fordism and the Flexible System of Production

Science Encyclopedia » Science & Philosophy: Condensation to Cosh » Consumerism - Consumerism And Mass Production, Consumerism And Post-fordism, Soap, The Politics Of Consumerism Consumerism - Consumerism And Post-fordism soap particular class world fordist consumption market mass Ads by Google Mr Power Giant Controller Saves 50% of your GEYSER costs! Pays for itself within months. www.mrpower.co.za Online Commodity Trading Technical Reports for Gold, Oil and More. Join Easy-Forex®...

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AP World History

civic loyalty – citizenship responsibilities due to taxes, record keeping and rituals.    ✔ Crowded, dense cities with clear division of labor and class.  ✔ Cities indicate no middle class – predominantly wealthy and poor.  ✔ Absolute equality among the classes/occupations of people in the city.  ✔ Relatively prosperous middle class  ✔ Capital not enclosed by walls or canals  ✔ Have large important temple complexes  ✔  ✔ What truly enables civilization to develop is the...

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The Future of Ethnicity in America

three appealing questions. First, how does symbolic ethnicity enter into contemporary American racial and ethnic relations? Second, why might immigrant youths choose to assimilate to the culture of low-income, inner-city youths instead of white middle-class culture? Lastly, why do some cases of interethnic contact generate conflict and others do not? Symbolic ethnicity is a term coined by Herbert Gans. It refers to ethnicity that is individualistic in nature and without real social cost for the...

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"Untouchables" by Thomas L. Friedman

from the book “The World is Flat: A Brief History of the Twenty-First Century” by Thomas L. Friedman, discusses how the world is globalizing into three types of skills which allow the countries, companies, and individuals to survive in today’s middle class era as compared to the last fifty years. By doing this, Friedman introduces that the Earth over time is actually becoming flatter and not round due to the advancements in technology and the outsourcing of jobs. Friedman stresses, “The key to thrive...

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Egypt and Mesopotamia

the city-states. In addition to the upper class were priests, military officers, and soldiers. Middle class consisted of merchants, artisans, laborers, and farmers. Lower class consisted of slaves who were usually prisoners of war. In Egypt, this was generally the case in social structure except for some differences. One of them is that there was a small upper class with the Pharaoh being at the top and viziers surrounded by whoever was in charge. Middle class consisted of soldiers, scribers, and laborers...

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Outsourcing the Middle Class

the Middle Class Outsourcing is an issue that America is struggling with right now. Outsourcing is a process in which a corporation will send its business overseas… to lets say India, or China. The reason they do this is only because the cost of production and labor is astronomically lower than what it is here in the U.S. White collar jobs are the most affected by this, with engineering, architecture, and accounting to name a few being hit the hardest (Raynor 1). To be more specific middle class...

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The Idea of the “American Dream”

political discrimination. The economic discrimination against minorities, the middle class and poor, can be seen through the income growth gap. According to Harvard Magazine, 66% of income growth in 2001 to 2007 has gone to the top 1 % of America (The American Dream Initiative 16). This reflects that the rich are getting richer and the middle class and poor are getting poorer. Over the past thirty years, the numbers of middle class urban and suburban neighborhoods have shrunk by a third (Clinton The American...

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Comparison of Haitian and French Revolutions

the 18th Century: Who Did It Better? Justin Merkel October 24, 2011 The French Revolution is said to be one of the greatest revolutions in Western history. Indeed it was one of the first instances in History where the middle class protested against their government and actually won. Not only did they win, but they completely overthrew a monarchy and reformed their entire government. However, a similar revolution was taking place around the same time; this one with perhaps...

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history higher

no self-respect. There was no unemployment or family benefits which meant poverty was increasing while mortality was decreasing. For the fear Britain was in decline the government had to step in and improve the quality of life for the poor, working class citizens and their silent women. This essay will discuss why there was so many reforms introduced in the 19th century. The reforms this essay will discuss is the 1832 reform act, the 1867 reform actand the 1872 secret ballot act . It will go in-depth...

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The Rise of the Novel in the Eighteenth Century

( A Brief Summary of the first three lectures) 1- The first half of the eighteenth century marks the rise of a new literary genre: works of prose called today ‘novels’. 2- The novel has its roots in the short tales of the middle and Elizabethan ages, like romances and other adventure stories. 3- Romances- also called “French romances”- are fictitious, fanciful stories in prose about knights and their deeds. They were full of fanciful, unrealistic incidents and creatures...

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Dove Marketing

Hair oil Shampoo/conditioners, styling products, herbal remedies and hair-dyes and colors. Sachet sales contribute approximately 40%,. Hair care and shampoos targets upper middle class, middle class and upper class rural customers. Market is expanding to lower class too. Main consumer categories targeted are women. The usage of shampoo in Indian society has evolved with increasing rate. Today average usage in Indian population comes out to be2-3 times a week. Use of...

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Discuss the effects of the industrial revolution in Europe on the private dealer systems of art.

Europe in the 1800's. I will be discussing what the role of an art dealer is, how the modern art dealership system arose and how the industrial revolution influenced the role of private art dealership systems in two ways. Firstly, it created a new middle class that had more expendable income which to spend on art. Secondly it generated pro-industrial revolution and anti-industrial revolution art movements. These changes increased the demand for art dealers, resulting in their specialisation, and shaped...

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Vijay Tendulkar's Plays and Society

Jayavant Dalvi and Vijay Tendulkar, among many more brought about this change. Journalist turned playwright, novelist, short story writer and screenplay writer, Vijay Tendulkar was known for his portrayal of that real, ugly face of the Indian middle class which most people found uncomfortable to deal with. This portrayal of reality drew him into many controversies. He battled bans and censor boards to take his message across to his audience. Tendulkar was known to be a playwright who was much...

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CA history

visions of the California Dream, each with their own variations and ideals that suit the individual. The dust bowl era brought numerous Southwestern migrants to California in search of their dream of prosperity as well as opportunity, while white middle class families saw their California Dream as living in harmony and peace in suburbia, in their modest homes, with manicured yards. The books American Exodus by James Gregory and Holy Land by D.J. Waldie demonstrate more clearly the history of these two...

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Marketing Paper

-family size of 3 or more -low to middle income -seeks fun/relaxing family vacations -values seasonal/holiday packages Majority of the Canadian population falls into the lower to middle class category (StatCan). They not only seek fun annual family trips in order to bring the family closer, they also make sure to plan trips within their income budget. Thus, they take advantage of vacation packages airlines offer during the holiday season. This social class segmentation is large enough that it...

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Descriptive/Narrative (the Definition of Poverty

could be positive which leads to another example of poverty III. Middle class poverty living 1. A description as to what society see as to how that person lives 2. An overview of the money made by a middle class citizen 3. A description of the amount of money that’s spent 4. The debt incurred by a middle class citizen 5. What makes this middle class citizen poverty stricken IV. Another form or class of poverty(the elderly) 1. A scenarios of how the elderly easily ends...

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targeting and positioning

sneakers to suit which age groups the most. Income: The purpose of creating our sneakers is to make it affordable to everyone. It specially targets low, middle and upper income groups. It focuses mainly on the younger generation like Generation X and Generation Y (The Echo Boomers). It is sure that our shoes are affordable for the low and middle income groups but we also assume people with high income will interested to purchase due to the quality and reputation of Converse. 2. State of Mind (Psychographics)-...

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The Populist and Progressive Party and Their Respective Followers Are Both Acting on General Good Will but Their Differing Interests Inevitably Escalated in Political Conflicts.

industrial workers. On the other corner we have the progressive party with an apparently small but underestimate number of potential voters which includes the middle class and above. These two parties do not only reflect the wills of their respective party, they emulate the two ever contradicting segments of the modern society, the poor and the middle class. They are the ones fighting an everlasting war. A war against misery and monotony needs and want. The populist and progressive party and their respective...

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4) Write an Essay About the Dangers of Following Tradition Blindly by Analyzing Shirley Jackson's the Lottery.

fathers and husbands. Their occupational choices were also extremely limited. Middle- and upper-class women generally remained home, caring for their children and running the household. Lower-class women often did work outside the home, but usually as poorly-paid domestic servants or laborers in factories and mills. The onset of industrialization, urbanization, as well as the growth of the market economy, the middle class, and life expectancies transformed European and American societies and...

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Augustan Age

culture - literature and is characterised by: - development of the poetry: irony, satire and meditation lead to a breach with the metaphisical tradition; - rise of the novel: it became the most important literary expression of the bourgeoisie and middle class; - pamphlets and periodicals. •SWIFT Literary Style In prose: •DEFOE •RICHARDSON •FIELDING - Clarity and simplicity of expression - Ordinary people represented with formal realism: people, places and objects were described in detail In poetry:...

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How to define the 'middle class'?

define the 'middle class'? BY LI KUI-WAI Published: Mar 15 2013 8:50  Email |  Print |  Share Text Size   The definition ofmiddle class” has been debated recently in Hong Kong. One simplistic definition would be to take the median or average income and those who received the middle” level of income are the “middle class”. Such a definition is easy to understand in mathematical terms, but is naive and has a number of drawbacks. Firstly, how close the income level to the “middle” would be included...

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American Dream (Citizen Kane vs. Mildred Pierce

Dream, but both show that the American Dream is not always the happy story that most Americans yearn for. These two movies are Citizen Kane and Mildred Pierce. As these two movies show that the American Dream is not what it seems, they show how middle class life and strong family values is the key to a good life. In the movie Mildred Pierce, the American Dream is portrayed as more of a nightmare. Mildred Pierce is the story of Mildred Pierce, a single mother who is willing to do anything to support...

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brand management

product of ITC Insertion of top glamour actress as The Brand Amabassador First soap to compete LUX of HUL Brand Identity: Product of ITC Endorsed by the Deepika Padukone Different strategy of launching Fiama Di Wills STP Segment: Middle Class men and women Target Group: Young, modern, aware customers who are confident of themselves and seek indulgences that make them feel alive and beautiful Positioning: Shower Gel, which is a blend of Nature and Science, and also a gentle care...

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Target Market

as age, income, or occupation): Jaguar: Definitely the wealthy, upper class or higher middle class people. Most likely an older, wealthier target market. Chevy Cobalt: Middle class people who are looking for an affordable car with good gas mileage. Age of the target market is probably mid-20s to senior citizens. McDonalds: From 5 years old to 95 years old. Lower Class, Middle Class, and even Upper Class people buy and consume McDonald’s products. They market happy meals for kids...

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Dbq French Revolution

There were numerous causes to justify The French Revolution. There existed problems inside France’s government, society, and economy. Most of these problems were ultimately experienced by the third estate, or the middle class. The third estate was then educated on a better way to live by the results of the Enlightenment philosophers and their philosophies. Certain conditions also led to the revolution, on top of its causes. Living conditions and representation in government are two examples. It is...

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The Blackboard Jungle

In the film Blackboard Jungle, an inspiring teacher fights to gain the respect from his class of juvenile delinquent boys, a lot of who belong to a gang that is mostly led by a white boy, and one of the students, Artie West. The teacher, Mr. Dadier, soon finds a connection with one of his black students, Miller. Mr. Dadier believes Miller to be the leader of the delinquency in the all boys’ high school, with his race being the only evidence. Little does he know, Miller is more than meets the eye...

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Successful International Retail Strategy- IKEA

the Chinese market. The Chinese population is made up of the majority of lower class/poor citizens. Within the past 10 years there has been a surging middle class. The explosive growth is attributed to the adoption of policy initiatives pushing up wages and financial reforms; therefore fostering economic growth powered by the ever expanding Chinese labor market (Dominic Barton, 2013).The emergence of the strong middle class citizens and sheer number of people overall provide a good economic/consumer...

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Toyota Corolla

$25,000 and $60,000 Interested in the low-cost and fuel efficiency , also like fashional design and equipped with hightech configurations Segmentation Using demographical to segment, according to income and willingness to pay Upper Class, Middle Class and Lower Class SWOT Analysis Strengths 1 、 One of the best-selling cars with relative lower price 2 、 An all-new design and more advanced technology elements 3 、 Twelve models of Corolla with different configurations and nine colors Opportunities...

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Dog Rescue

cysts 5. Remove 98.7% waterborne viruses 6. Easy to carry and use B. Production cost is $4 per unit (IRIN 2008) C. Product targeting consumers 1. The primary targeting group is poor to high middle class people who live in rural areas 2. The secondary targeting group is upper and upper middle class people who have active lifestyles and live in urban II. CONCLUSION: LIFESTRAW WILL BE SUCCESSFULLY SOLD IN INDIA A. LifeStraw is affordable and satisfies Indian consumers’ demand on the quality...

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Ethnicity and Education

the curriculum is geared towards white middle class students. The curriculum is set in place for white middle class students and this means that ethnic minorities will not understand the curriculum and will fall behind and not do well thus leading to educational underachievement. Parents from ethnic minorities may not be able to afford or have the right experience to make an informed choice on the best school to suit their children’s needs whereas middle class parents have the money and correct experience...

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The Green Mile

Louisiana, which was referred to as the Bible belt. This area of America was known for their over reliance on religion. Stephen King shows throughout ‘The Green Mile' that the word of people who have power is never questioned. Lower and middle class people were powerless to change societal concepts. Paul Edgecomb listened to Burt Hammersmith expose the racial superiority in society, when he stereotyped and compared Negro's to the likes of animals, ‘In many ways, a good mongrel dog is...

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struggled with since arriving to Canada, I found myself comparing her struggles to all women who are not, white, privileged and middle class. Her essays , are a dedication to women who have to fight for their space, been beaten down with labels, and had to struggle with governed systems both socially and academically, at the workplace that have been dominated by white middle class norms. The enlightenment that Himani discusses in her essays on inequality and race/gender, by comparison these issues...

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Lysistrata and The Importance of Being Ernest comparative essay

the female characters show glimpse of following the Victorian ideals of womanhood; whilst the male characters are seen to not follow the rules as much. Both the plays involve characters of the upper middle class and upper class; therefore the targeted audience will also be of upper and middle class people. Firstly, in Lysistrata the male characters do not play a significant role, and rarely appear. But in the scenes that involves the male characters, they are either seen discussing political...

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SWOT Analysis: Macy's vs. Bloomingdale's.

the first place. The weaknesses that each online store holds can then be turned into opportunities for the rival store, which they have taken advantages of that. Macy's caters more to middle class people, offering discount ads and inexpensive items. Bloomingdale's, on the other hand, caters to the upper class, in which they are trying to grab your attention with a line that reads "Like no other store in the world" and they also add that they're the only department store that has hosted a Queen...

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Semiotic & Feminist Analysis

logo, and the red colour also serves to catch the audience’s eye and draw them in. The image in the ad shows a woman in a close-fitting formal red dress. She’s slim, young, attractive looking with loose hair. From her pose it seems like she’s in the middle of a twirl, looking down to admire herself in the dress. The colour of the dress is referred to in the tagline “Dare to wear red”. Special K is marketed towards women who want to lose weight while still getting a proper breakfast. The message coming...

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Factors Affecting the Second Language Learners' Fluency.

only knowledge but also ability to put knowledge into use. Certainly, psychological and social factors are important for (SLLF) and possibly genetic ones. However, social factors have a major impact on L2 proficiency directly i.e. age, gender, social class, and ethnic identity and indirectly i.e. attitudes. Age factor has two aspects: the psycholinguistic and the sociolinguistic .Age has received considerable attention from sociolinguists. Krashen, Long, and Scarcella (1979) presented proof for three...

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Proposed Soda Tax

Jackson English 110. 31411 September 22, 2011 The Proposed Soda Tax: The Poor and Middle Class Pay the Price Why must the poor and middle class suffer whenever money is needed to fund some programs or fix the deficit? People are stripped to the bone already, what with the Enron scandal and Bernie Madoff making off with millions of citizens savings. Now the poor and middle class people of this great nation are being called upon once again, to give more of the nothing that they...

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pricing strategy--take an example of IKEA

 A discussion on the pricing strategy for foreign corporations in China ---taking an example of IKEA Name: Juyan Wang (Joyce) Class: PS 06-01 Tutor: Stephen Ashworth Date: 2014-8-25 A discussion on the pricing strategy for foreign corporations in China---taking an example of IKEA Abstract IKEA, as one of the most valuable brands in the world remained far ahead of its competitors because of its particular business management in European and American...

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‘Golden Age to Separate Spheres? A Review of the Categories and Chronology of English Women’s History’ by Amanda Vickery, Article Review

separate spheres, although published a while ago much of what is argued still remains influential to historians today. She chooses to tackle two important aspects of women’s historiography the first being the separation of spheres, and this being a middle-class phenomenon, and secondly the marginalization of women as a consequence of capitalism. Although as with all articles there are some failings and limitations, the overall vigour of Vickery’s article is extremely convincing. She refuses to accept...

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Marketing In Emerging Markets Essay

there. The next generation of the middle class, which is projected to grow to 135 million by 2030, will be more geographically dispersed across second and third tier cities outside Java. Therefore, companies see lower tier cities as a huge selling market and opportunity. [5] Besides gaining benefits form the high growth rate in GDP and increased consumption, marketing the lower tier cities and lower segments of customers such as the upper middle and new middle class can facilitate small and medium...

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compare between HK and Victoria

the Cultural and Language Immersion Scheme, my homestay has helped me a lot and provided a pretty good life condition for me. From my observations and analyses, I find my homestay have a not bad quality of life, and the family belongs to a middle or between middle and upper social-economics. Different from Hong Kong, almost people in Victoria have their own houses and gardens. Although my homestay does not have a very big and well-decorated house and a wild garden, their house is not bad and...

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Under the Martial Law era, Marcos consolidated control of the armed forces, freedom of the press was severely limited and opponents of Marcos were detained. Dekada '70 is the story of a family caught in the middle of the tumultuous decade of the 1970's. It details how a middle class family struggled with and faced the changes that empowered Filipinos to rise against the Marcos government. This series of events happened after the bombing of Plaza Miranda, the suspension of the Writ of Habeas...

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Kennedy Rhetorical Analyses Essay

raising steel prices which is irresponsible, unjustified and selfish on their part. President Kennedy also informs the middle class of America and steel industry executives who is his audience that the rising steel prices will create a further negative impact on economy and will negatively affect every American. As President Kennedy is mainly communicating with average middle class Americans, his main concern is reaching his audience and informing them how the rising steel prices affect each individual...

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Film Essay À ma soeur! (2001)

not-romantic character sex as it has been proved correctly, (2) jealousy that her sister endures that she wishes, but is not reached yet, and / or (3) sympathetic reactions to innocence Elena's loss. Elena and Anais - sisters. They grow up in a French middle-class family. For summer vacation, they come with their parents. Their father "does not like to leave more than their employees," her mother - housewife. Younger sister - Anais seeks to imitate older: the store chooses the same dress, takes over the...

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bi-ord skal der “ly”, da det fører tilbage til adverbiet. Verbet (her) 5) George Orwell’s father was civil servant in India, and Orwell himself grew up in a middle-class family. George Orwell’s father was civil servant in India, and Orwell himself grew up in middle-class family. Ordet “a” skal fjernes fordi, man ikke kan sige ”a middle-class family”. 6) Jane Austen had a sister, Cassandra, with who she had a close relationship. Jane Austen had a sister, Cassandra, with whose she had a close...

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Justice and civil society

lies in the lack of ‘political clout’ of urban school systems that middle class families bring, in the form of their own time, educational background and political savvy. (Ryan, 2010) ‘Integration brings both direct and indirect benefits that cannot be replicated by other reforms” (Ryan, 2010). Integrated schools, like middle income schools are more likely to have “strong principals, talented and engaged teachers, reasonable class size, a rich curriculum, high expectations on the part of teacher...

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