Conflicts in the Movie Apollo 13

Topics: Apollo 13, Jim Lovell, Fred Haise Pages: 2 (473 words) Published: April 29, 2011
According to Carley Dodd in the book ‘Managing Business And Professional Communication’ under the chapter ‘Managing Communication Conflict in the Workplace’, there are four basic types of conflicts. They are 1.Disagreements,

2.Misplaced conflicts,
3.Nonsubstantive conflicts,
4.Substantive conflicts.

Disagreements: A disagreement is a mild conflict and usually involves issues that are not necessarily related to the relationship.

In the movie ’Apollo 13’ this situation of disagreement occurs two days before the launch. When the flight surgeon Dr.Chuck predicts that Ken Mattingly (one of the three members of the Astronaut team) may get serious illness during their expedition, Jim Lovell (captain of the team) disagree the idea of replacement of Ken with Jack Swigert. After listening to the flight surgeon and NASA director, Jim finally agrees with their decision as it is best for everyone.

Misplaced conflicts: A misplaced conflict is one in which one or both of the parties fail to recognize the real issue and instead engage someone or something else.

In the movie Apollo 13 when the astronauts were stuck in the flight in the space Jack and Fred had a little argument about the re-entry plan. Fred tells Jack this is the only flight(Aquarius) they got to get back home. It sounds to Jack that he is responsible for the damage of other flight. So he says “They brought me in here to do a job, they asked me to stir the damn tanks and I stirred the tanks!” Jim asks Jack not to feel bad about himself rather focus on the real issue.

Nonsubstantive Conflicts: Nonsubstantive conflicts involve behaviors such as complaining and whining bickering, being verbally or physically abusive or aggressive, and being competitive and jealous.

The behavior of Ken Mattingly in this film seems to have nonsubstantive conflicts. As he was thrown out of the mission just two days before the launch made him to go through the jealous feeling. And he expresses it when Jim...
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