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Mitashi Edutainment Pvt Ltd
Mitashi is 13-year-old company that came up with introductory products for Kids like T.V. Video Games, Talking Educational Computers with multiple Intellectual functions. Later we expanded our product range with introduction of Hand Video Games, Art Sets, Cameras etc. We have also developed the Cricket LCD game in the Global Market, which has multiple functions in it & we reserve exclusive rights over the same throughout the globe. Further we developed Fun & Learn series of CD-ROMs. In recent days Mitashi has ventured into home entertainment products like DVD, VCD, Portable CD Players, Audio Systems & Home Theatres. We have wide range of Trendy Sports Watches which are of Analog & Digital type marketed under the brand name MI Time Machines. We also have children watches sold under the Brand MI Junior and slim series sold under Slick brand name. These products are made keeping in mind the need for home entertainment at low price and high quality.

Step 1: Presence on web :
The company has a decent website that mentions and shows all the products that they have to offer. It seems to have been designed with the objective of solely advertising of their products. They even cater to the post decision making process of purchasing by creating a smart dealership locator that would tell the customer where exactly the closest dealership is located. They also have customer support and a feedback section. They are presnt on various site such as facebook, Linkedin,Twitter, ,,, and They are also the official electronic partners of team Rajasthan royals as they have made a portable android device which was made for a cricket application(game) and is placed on a global level. They have numerous mentions of the IPL and updates of matches just to keep people tuned and broadcast the companys presence through B2C platforms such as Facebook and twitter. Their presence on the web in not very strong and they are trying to make the most out of the two social networking sites i.e Facebook and twitter. They sell their products on sites that claim to offer cheap and best products and prices, sites like flipkart, jabong , snapdeal and homeshop18. Apart from this they don’t have many forums or blogs talking about their products apart from reviews and feedbacks on the sites that sell the products (mitashi) online.

Step 2: Define digital marketing campaign goal
1.Facebook: to get a good number of members and likes on the face book group with the help of smart print ads and interactive sessions in the form of a gaming competition which to lead to the participants gaining a Mitashi product. The goal on face book would be to get around ten thousand likes and atleast 1k to 2k members who would like to be updated and reminded of their current and new upcoming products. The use of association with the Rajasthan Royals can be continued to be used but in a smarter way. They should not only talk about when they are going to play their next game but somehow create some link to their portable cricket gaming devise through their print ads. It is very important to make sure that our competitors are not mentioned on our FB page. Instead we should print ads or posts put up by ‘Mock id’ which would put the competitors below us proving to the public that mitashi has the same quality but at a cheaper price. The logos can be edited so they cannot file a law suit or track it back to us in anyway but this could be a good attempt. The focus should be on people who would like to play games in their spare time so some games that Mitashi has developed could even be advertised on the page by posting links that would allow you to play that game for a limit of 5 mins a day(with a timer installed that locks the game after the allotted time). This could be used as a Trial platform before a purchase is made. Another...
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