Marketing Plan

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Marketing Plan for Lyssa’s Learners|
Melissa Franklin|

Table of Contents

A. Company Description
B. Mission Statement
C. Goals
D. Ideal Customer
E. Market Description
F. Core Strategy
G. Core Branding Elements
H. Product Service/Innovation
I. Price Rationale
J. Marketing Materials
K. Critical Numbers
L. Sales Forecast

Company Description
Lyssa’s Learners was founded by Melissa Franklin-Gray. Lyssa’s Learners is founded on the belief that the students who most need additional help in learning math are those at the remedial level, and not those who already excel and have parents who push them to excel further. We believe that middle school and high school are the most important times to offer this additional help, while it can still impact a teen’s ability to graduate, attend college, and succeed in a career.

Mission Statement
Through hard work and dedication, Learning can become an enjoyable experience.

Personal Goals:
CEO will attend 3 math education conferences per year
CEO will be invited to speak at 10 events per year by the 2013 CEO will devote more than 200 hours per year to marketing work Business Goals:
High revenue: Reach total annual revenue of $200,000
Greater student impact: Serve 700 individual students over three years Greater employment impact: Increase number of active tutors to 30 by end of 2014 Strategic Goals:
Increase conversion rate to 30% in 2015 based on strength of the brand and efficiency of sales process Obtain 97% customer satisfaction in 2015
Be rated as the best math tutoring service in Stone Mountain in 2015 Tactical Goals:
Improve website usage and traffic 200% over next three years Achieve over 100 testimonials earned in 2015
Achieve over 50 PR mentions earned in 2015

Ideal Customer
Lyssa’s Learners serves parents who don’t have the time or ability to give their child the additional attention he or she needs in math to get them up to grade level. These parents are worried that their child’s math test scores and grades will hurt their child’s ability to enter a competitive high school or college and hurt their child’s ability to compete in a workplace for higher-wage jobs. Often, this parent lacks some ability with math him or herself, but doesn’t want to pass on this problem area to the child. In other cases, the parent works long hours and wants to spend the time he or she has to be with the child in enjoyable pursuits and not being “the bad guy” by drilling math into them. Finally, these parents often don’t know the most effective and efficient techniques for one-on-one math tutoring which will change a child’s attitude around math and significantly improve his or her aptitude in as short a time as possible.

Market Description
Numbers serves customers who generally share the following characteristics: Live within the Stone Mountain metropolitan area
Parent (either single parent or of a couple)
Age 35-55 years old
Household income over $75,000 per year
Believe that education is the key to a better future
Believe that knowledge of mathematics is key to success in the best careers Both parents in the household work
Child or children within the ages of 12 to 18 years old (middle school or high school aged)

Core Strategy
The external marketing message of Lyssa’s Learners is that we offer math help that delivers for teens in the Stone Mountain area. Our story is that we succeed because of our tutor selection, use of the best one-on-one teaching techniques, and institutional knowledge of math requirements. What we deliver is improvement on math tests and in genuine skill and understanding, which makes a real impact in the potential futures of each student. Internally, we have the positioning goal of student results are everything. That includes setting achievable expectations and doing everything a tutor can to achieve and surpass those expectations. If Lyssa’s...
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