Marketing Plan

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Marketing Report

.............................Weetabix mini’s


Situational Analysis1

SWOT Analysis4

Competitive Analysis5

Marketing Strategy7

The Four P’s8

The Core Message9

Promotional Mix10

Situational Analysis

Ideal Customer

College student, age: around 20, multiracial, good eating habits, healthy, normal diet, non-allergy to peanuts or dairy product

Description Of Our Target Market

(describe the wider version of our customer by describing our top three groups of people that make up our target market)

In general, the target market for our product are the people who are looking for a tasty and nutritional cereal that can fix their or others’ breakfasts (or other meals) in a way that’s simple, fast, nutritional, yet still tasty. And our top groups of people of the target markets are: students, moms, and businessmen and businesswomen.

Our marketing efforts will focus on these groups of people:

#1 Students

Students, especially college students are a special group of people who are new to living independently; which means they don’t normally have a lot of living skills, such as cooking. They are also usually on a busy schedule which might involve with getting up early in the mornings. All the factors about this group makes them our number one group of the target market.

#2 Moms and housewives

Moms and housewives are a group of people who are not only need to take care of their own life but also their families’. For most of them, especially housewives, get up early in the morning and prepare breakfast for the family is a part of their daily life. Our product not only is a quick-fixed breakfast cereal, but also can be a great snacks for everyone to enjoy. Not to mention that our product also has great nutrition values.

#3 Businessmen and Businesswomen

For those business people who are always busy with their lives, they need something that they can make and eat within very limited times. Our product can save their precious time in the morning (or other time), but also able to start their day with a fulfill breakfast that’s also nutritional.


|Income |Under $10,000; $10,000-24,999; $25,000-49,999; $50,000-99,999; $100,000-149,999; | | |$150,000-249,999; $250,000 or more | |Sex |Male, female | |Age |12-17; 18-24; 25-34; 35-49; 50-64 | |Family Size |1,2,3-4,5 or more | |Family Life Cycle |Young single; young, married, no children; young, married, youngest child under6; young | | |married, youngest child over 6; older, married, with children; older, married, no children | | |under 18; older, single, other variation for single parents, divorced, etc. | |Occupation |Professional and technical; managers, officials, and proprietors; clerical sales; | | |craftspeople; foremen; operatives; farmers; students; housewives; unemployed | |Education |some high school; high school graduate; some college; college graduate. | |Ethnicity |Asian, Black, Hispanic, Native American, White, multiracial | |Social Class |Lower-lower, upper-lower, lower-middle, upper-middle,...
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