Kelloggs Coco Pops Market analysis

Topics: Kellogg Company, Breakfast cereal, Rice Krispies Pages: 3 (1305 words) Published: May 14, 2015
2.1 Overview
2.2 Assignment Content
2.2.1 Executive Summary
2.2.2 Table of Conents
2.2.3 Introduction
The Kellogg Company has grown to become the world's leading producer of cereal. Kellogg’s products are produced in eighteen different countries and are marketed in over 180 countries with the purpose to “nourish families so that they can flourish and thrive” (Kellogg's, 2015). The company was founded by William K. Kellogg with the creation of the popular ‘corn flake’ in 1906. In 1914, the company began international expansion and as the company grew, so did its challenges and competition in the global cereal market. In the 1950’s Kellogg expanded and opened up a branch in New Zealand, based in Newmarket (Kellogg's Locations, 2012), in order to provide the New Zealand consumers with the popular new trend of having a ‘quick and easy breakfast’. In the 1980’s, Kellogg improved and enhanced their marketing strategy under the governance of William E. Lamothe, by targeting and shaping the preference and bias of the middle aged class, therefore increasing their market share and making them the most dominant company in the Breakfast industry. According to Kellogg’s website, the company was created with “a strong commitment to social responsibility and is proud of the progress that has been made”. (Kellogg Company History, n.d.) Kellogg Mission Statement states that “Kellogg is a global company committed to building long term growth in volume and profit and to enhancing its worldwide leadership position by providing nutritious food products of superior value” –W. K Kellogg 2.2.4 Situational Analysis (5-7 pages)

Throughout the 1950s Kellogg introduced some of today's most beloved cereals including the very popular Coco Pops, which at the time of release, was known as ‘Cocoa Krispies’. It was introduced into the market in 1958 and is a breakfast cereal that is a chocolate version of Rice Krispies. In 2003, the name of the cereal was changed and developed to ‘Cocoa...
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