Difference Between Big Energy And Xyz Energy

Topics: Motivation, Maslow's hierarchy of needs, Employment Pages: 7 (1632 words) Published: February 24, 2016

Impact on Value
It is shown in the case study there was a discrepancy in the values of Big Energy and XYZ energy. The difference in value might be due to the nature of the culture as Big Energy comes from a private sector, which focuses more driven by profits, and XYZ Energy comes from a public sector, which is less materialistic and more driven by public interest (Boyne, 2002). The value that Staff of XYZ energy had, was they saw the worth in the processes and systems they have produced before the merger. They think that the processes and systems were very important. However, Big Energy valued the speed of integration instead and neglected the quality and long-term benefits for the company. By having two different value systems, the problem...

They should also provide a comprehensive idea to XYZ Energy of what their vision is early on in the sales process, making sure that the unifying vision is established, clear and is understood by all parties (McGrath, 2011). This will let the new staff be prepared for what is to come and also feel involved in the organisation. Doing so will allow all their staff in the organisation to have the same beliefs, and work together towards a common goal (Creed, 2011). By having a common goal, all the staff will have an affective commitment to the job, and in return, boost motivation and job performance (McShane, et al.,...

Staff from XYZ energy started with very low morale since the news of the acquisition, but it was even more prominent after the acquisition. This is an effect on the attitude of the staff as they witnessed that they are not able to keep their jobs no matter how hard they work, and how much effort they have placed into their jobs. According to Maslow hierarchy of needs, one of most basic needs that make people motivated is physiological needs (Maslow, 1943). Instead of giving the reassurance that the staff could keep their job to satisfy their basic need for money to be able to afford things like food and water in order for survival, Big Energy is set to eliminate most of XYZ Energy staff. Being deprived of the chance of keeping their jobs to earn a salary for a living, this demotivates the staff. The MARS model of Individual Behaviour has stated that employee motivation is in of the important aspect in an organisation as it affects the employee’s behaviour. There are three dimensions that inspire us to work towards the job or career goal. The three choices of behaviour are the direction which refers to the goals, intensity which refers to the level of motivation and persistence, which refers to the sustainability of the motivation (McShane, et al., 2012). As stated in the case study, XYZ energy staff does not even have any motivation left, this will only cause harm to the...
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