Dieter Rams and His Implication to the World of Design and Marketing

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Dieter Rams and his Implication to the World of Design and Marketing
Dieter Rams is a famous German designer. He made a great contribution to the world of technology, design and he has his own marketing approach. While I was reading numerous articles about his life, I began to realize how great his implication to the modern attitude of market was. What is obvious is the thing that in fact he is living with his work. It is his passion and it becomes apparent in everything that surrounds him. He has created so many devices with the thought of making people’s life better, easier and only then with the thought of making a profit. The main point was to make all these things to work for people for as long time as it is possible. And this point stroke me, as many companies produce things which cannot serve people for a really long period of time, as there would be no profit, but Dieter Rams is the one, who breaks the stereotypes. “Obsolescence is a crime”, – that is one of his main ideas. Another quote which reflects his philosophy is: “Good design is long-lasting”. The other point is that he has discovered how good design can influence the level of consumption among consumers. In the beginning of his career at the Braun’s company he created totally new line of devices; the exhibition of radios had a great success. By that time “nobody had this idea that by the help of design you also could be very successful”. He brought this idea to the world of modern market and, who knows, maybe exactly thanks to this thought the diversity of the modern market is so great, and with every year we can observe the rise of the consumer’s consumption. Dieter Rams emphasize the importance of a good design and the real meaning of it in one of his quotes: “Good design makes a product useful”. It means that the product was created to be used, to satisfy the people needs in functional, psychological and aesthetic way. The main point of design is to accentuate the usefulness of the...
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