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Desirable Daughters

By harjot2277 Jan 14, 2013 503 Words
Pulling Together

Quotes from the story

1. “The A is for acceptance” (# 4)
2. “The B represents belonging” (# 8)
3. “The C stands for contribution” (# 11)
4. “My positive side saw an opportunity to build bridges among people of different cultures, different ethnic backgrounds and different races” (# 13) 5. “I believe in multiculturalism because it adds to our strength” (# 16) 6. “Flying too high and fast to put down real roots or to feel a sense of belonging” (# 9)

Personal comments about the story

1. We are all equal, excluding our cultural differences.
2. Be proud to be different.
3. Accept people for who they are.
4. Get involved in your community.
5. Appreciate what is offered to you.
6. Certain opportunities only come once in a life time.


My visual interpretation of the story “Pulling Together” is based on what people have to do in order to enjoy what Canada has to offer. The focal point on my visual component is the golden mountain, which is popping out of the page. This is to represent the reason why people from other countries would come to Canada in the first place. Now a days people come to Canada for more reasons, then just to earn money. At the top section of my visual component I am trying to emphasize that if others are hoping to build a home in Canada one day, they have to go through a lot, especially if you want to enjoy what Canada has to offer. The astronaut represents someone who is not stable, someone who is always in and out of places and doesn’t really pay attention to getting involved in his community and that’s basically what the quote beside the astronaut is trying to say. The bridge picture shows that you have to get along with other cultures and try to accept them as one. I also put my personal quote near that picture which is “we are all equal excluding our cultural differences” which means in order to come to Canada which is a country of many races of people, people would have to accept others no matter where they come from. The middle portion of my visual component is like a boarder, since in order to come to Canada and have an enjoyable life; you would have to go through these three acronyms. Then you would finally reach your goal and come to Canada to live a happy and enjoyable life where you can earn money and also have stability, a peaceful life, law and order, education and generally friendly people. Last but not least the hands that are all around the visual component symbolize that in Canada there are multicultural people with different skin colours, and the all brown hands represent country’s where there is not a lot of multiculturalism going on, for example China, India, Sri Lanka etc…

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