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Benefit of Multiculturalism Since the 1960s, the American government has admitted cultural diversity in American and encouraged the equality for everyone no matter which race they are or which sex they are. The world nowadays knows America as a multicultural country. So what is multiculturalism? It is According to United State Bureau, the population of Houston in 2010 is 2, 145, 146 people included 50.5 % white people, 23.7% black people, 6.0 Asian people, 0.7 % American Indian and...

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Has Multiculturalism in Canada Lost Its Way? Now that multiculturalism has become a popular concept, it is time for us to add more meat to the bone and expand on what it means to Canada to be a multicultural society. While most Canadians highlight our multicultural character as a virtue, it continues to mean different things to different people.Multiculturalism is the recognition that while Canadians share equal rights and responsibilities, they come with diverse cultural backgrounds where each...

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Multiculturalism is the acceptance of multiple ethnic cultures at the organizational level. This is applied to the demographic makeup of a country, where people from different religious backgrounds, countries, and tradition are given equitable status in schools, neighborhoods, cities, and nations. In the 19th century, America experienced massive immigration, which is one of the most important features of American society. This has given rise to multiculturalism in America. Origin...

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Multiculturalism in London

Advantages and disadvantages of the multiculturalism in big cities, particularly in London Ethnic and racial diversity is not a new phenomenon in the world history: in the Middle East and the Mediterranean World, a multiplicity of cultures coexisted in rural areas as well as in cities since Antiquity. Nowadays multiculturalism has become an official policy in several European countries since the 1970s, for reasons that varied from country to country, including the fact that many of the great cities...

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multiculturalism in the UK

should do for the various cultures. Therefore, multiculturalism appears in people's vision. Especially in large cities, there are diverse cultures from all around of the world and they usually have influences on each other. For example, larger cities in the UK, such as London, Birmingham or Manchester are often described as being multicultural. In last ten years, multiculturalism has aroused widespread concern. While some people believe that multiculturalism is appropriate for a 21st century society,...

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Sociology and Multiculturalism

Multiculturalism With the rapid development of globalization, immigration has become a common trend in modern society. It makes a great impact on numerous areas such as politics, economy, values and employment. Accordingly, multiculturalism has become a controversial issue in this modern era. Some who favor multiculturalism advocate§s that it influences society positively, while others who hold the opposite view maintain that multiculturalism leads to conflicts such as increasing crime rate,...

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Multiculturalism in Canada

Multiculturalism - the preservation of different cultures or cultural identities within a unified society, as a state or nation” – (multiculturalism at dictionary.com) The Canadian identity is in a constant state of turbulence, always changing, always being re-created. So the question is whether or not multiculturalism has affected the development of the Canadian identity? The three arguments to support this thesis is Canada’s past treatment of immigrants, how Canadians are only accepting of immigrants...

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Feminism and Multiculturalism

Feminism and multiculturalism is about diversity and, protecting the rights of women and the minority community in our society. It is not about division, and the direction, nor about isolation (NIMAC Report, 1999). Moreover it is about the equality of opportunities for all members of groups that participate in and benefit from economic and social lives. During this paper, I ask myself whether feminism can be genuinely multicultural. The difference between feminism and multiculturalism is the rights...

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Multiculturalism in Germany

MULTICULTURALISM IN GERMANY Multiculturalism is the presence of many cultures in one place by having same political rights as other citizens regardless of their differences in private lives. In a multicultural society, the citizens must embrace immigrants who have different values, beliefs and religions. Besides, the government must accept immigrants as their own citizens and they must give political rights as well as civil and social rights. Thus, the integration of distinct cultures can be completed...

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Multiculturalism in Education

increasing cultural awareness of global issues, encouraging critical thinking and preventing prejudice and discrimination. As the US population is becoming increasingly more diverse, I believe every classroom should be a multicultural classroom. Multiculturalism in education recognizes the role schools and teachers play in developing the attitudes and values students have towards other students but also towards different cultures. As a teacher it is important to teach students to value cultural differences...

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Multiculturalism: Liberalism and Social Advancement

MULTICULTURALISM, IDENTITY AND DIVERSITY What is multiculturalism? Some continue to use the termmulticulturalism’ empirically; that is, simply to refer to the existence of diverse cultures, values and traditions within the same society. Multiculturalism, however, is not the same as cultural diversity. Rather, it is a particular approach to dealing with the challenges of cultural diversity and, in particular, to bringing about the advancement of marginalised or disadvantaged groups. However, multiculturalism...

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AnastasijaP Polycentric multiculturalism

Eurocentrism: Multiculturalism and the media” is a critique of the Eurocentrism which is present in representing other cultures. The book focuses on contemporary media and is actually criticizing the subjectivity that the media presents. The authors are discussing the concept of multiculturalism in variety of contexts and are giving examples of how manipulated the term multiculturalism is in the media, politics and science. In this paper we’ll be focusing on the Polycentric Multiculturalism which is...

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role of youth in multiculturalism

role of youth in multiculturalism 1,000 - 1,500 word essay Think of your essay in terms of three key points that are then slotted into eight paragraphs. Each paragraph, apart from the introduction and conclusion, should have approximately the same number of words. A good guide is to think of your essay in terms of three main points that will have 2 paragraphs each. A 1,500 word essay structure could look like this: Introduction 1 paragraph (150 words) Point One 2 paragraphs...

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Multiculturalism in a Globalized Society

Multiculturalism in a globalized society explores the concepts and debates surrounding the complex modern phenomenon of multiculturalism, and its varied effects on the advanced industrial nations of the world with clarity and concision, it focuses on the interrelated ties of ethnicity, race, nationalism in a world where globalizing processes have made such ties increasingly important in economic, political and cultural terms. Multiculturalism relates to communities containing multiple cultures...

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Canada Has a Policy of Multiculturalism

Candace Denny Canada has a policy of multiculturalism. Does this policy meet reality? Through the Canadian Multiculturalism Act, the Government of Canada recognizes the diversity of Canadians as regards race, national or ethnic origin, colour and religion as a fundamental characteristic of Canadian society and is committed to a policy of multiculturalism designed to preserve and enhance the multicultural heritage of Canadians and equality of opportunity in the economic, social, cultural and political...

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Multiculturalism in Australia

context of Australia it is seen as being a term that describes the diverse cultural and ethnic makeup of contemporary Australia (Dept. Immigration and Citizenship, 2013). For the purpose of this paper we will adopt Bowen’s definition (2011) that multiculturalism embraces our shared values and cultural traditions within Australia’s established society, while protecting the rights of Australians to practice their cultural and ethnic traditions and heritage. But that hasn’t always been the way in Australia...

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The Value of Multiculturalism and Diversity in Business

Diversity and Multiculturalism in Business Diversity and Multiculturalism are two topics that, themselves, are not new. To start off with a uniform basic understanding, what are diversity and multiculturalism? According to Merrium-Webster, Diversity is ‘the condition of having or being composed of differing elements, especially the inclusion of different types of people (as people of different races or cultures) in a group or organization’. Whereas, Merrium-Webster defined multiculturalism as ‘relating...

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Multiculturalism and the Benefits of Migration in Australia

Australian Parliament Joint Standing Committee on Migration Submission No. 3 MULTICULTURALISM AND THE BENEFITS OF MIGRATION IN AUSTRALIA SUBMISSION: Committee Secretary, Joint Standing Committee on Migration House of Representatives, Parliament House, Canberra ACT 2600 NH 28 February, 2011 The beginnings of white migration and multiculturalism in Australia saw our British forefathers arriving in boats on the shores of the “land down under”. Boat loads of prisoners – reluctant migrants...

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Celebration of Multiculturalism Reduces Racism

Brown, Black, and White are colours that add faces to our diverse multicultural society. The celebration of Multiculturalism reduces racism in our society. For many years in our history we have been engaged in racist issues, which would result with gangs, murders, racist remarks, or insults. Now, a country like Canada is providing an opportunity for everyone to gather as a whole, instead of being separated by race. Our diverse community has now been advertised as one of the greatest nations to live...

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Emerging Issues in Multiculturalism

least in tandem. In a pluralistic society, various religions may have at least a civilized respect if not a mutually beneficial relationship. However, the reality is today that many persons with differing religions views do clash. However, multiculturalism tells us that this need not be the case. How is this so? The traditional religious view, as well as the traditional approach to psychology, tends to be hegemonic. But the multi-psychological approach shows us otherwise: “Whereas the assumption...

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Multiculturalism In Canada: The benefits of a multicultural society.

Multiculturalism in Canada: The Benefits of a Multicultural Society Canada is a very interesting country, mainly due to its diversity. The weather in Canada can be both freezing and very hot. Some land is rocky and mountainous, while other places are composed of flat, rolling hills. And in Canada, you can find many different races, from Asian to Latin, African to Indian. Canada is the most multicultural country in the world, and a lot of Canada's development and success can be attributed to immigrants...

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Multiculturalism in Social Studies

 Multiculturalism in Social Studies Grand Canyon University: EED 570 December 17, 2013 Introduction Multicultural education emerged in the early 1990’s so as to address to social-educational needs of people/society that continued to struggle with the realization and believes of monoculture. Multicultural relates to a number of communities that consist of multiple cultures. Over the past 20 years or so, there were a number of issues that were influenced by cultural indifferences...

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Multiculturalism in Children's Literature

Multiculturalism Paper Children’s Literature Due: 11/23/10 PART 1: The need for multicultural literature in the classroom… There is a definite need for multicultural literature in the classroom. Good literature can help reflect many aspects of a culture--its values, beliefs, ways of life, and patterns of thinking. Good literature can also help readers to learn about an individual or a group of people whose stories take place in a specific historical and physical setting. In...

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Peace: Multiculturalism and Mauritius

Discuss the importance of multicultural unity in developing a Culture of Peace in the Mauritian nation. Mauritius is one of the polyethnic countries that has the most peaceful and stable democratic. Multiculturalism has been a characteristic feature of the island of Mauritius. Mauritian society includes people from many different ethnic and religious groups: Hindu, Muslim and Indo-Mauritians, Mauritian Creoles, Buddhist and Roman Catholic Sino-Mauritians and Franco-Mauritians. The importance...

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What Diversity and Multiculturalism Mean to Me

What Diversity and Multiculturalism Mean to Me By David Meads What does Diversity and Multiculturalism mean to me? I believe that diversity has become so much more than just the basic qualities of race or gender. It now includes all qualities that make everyone unique, as individuals or as part of a larger group. It is also the acceptance, respect, and understanding of these unique qualities that makes diversity work in a given society. Multiculturalism is the system that is centered around...

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The Impact of Multiculturalism on Western Societies Since the 19th Century

The Impact of Multiculturalism on Western Societies Since the 19th Century Since the beginning of the 19th century the topic of multiculturalism has raised many issues in our society. Migration tendencies, the growing number of minorities, support groups for refugees and immigrants, and an increase in knowledge of human rights, have split our governments and our nations. Media outlets are constantly turning out stories on boat people, multiculturalism, cultural pluralism, Islam, terrorists attacks...

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Multiculturalism vs. Assimilation

culture affects us and new Canadians. While many consider the current multicultural society to be fine, there are ways that it could change to improve the lives of all Canadians. Some options as to what Canada could strive to achieve would be multiculturalism or assimilation. On the one hand, some people believe that a society designed much like a mosaic would be ideal for Canada. On the other hand, others believe that a society with one dominant culture that everyone “melts” into is a better alternative...

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What Is Multiculturalism and Multi-Cultural Education?

What is multiculturalism and multi-cultural education and why are these terms at the center of such great controversy? This is a concern to me as a student training to be a future teacher here in the United States. It seems that these two topics are generating a great deal of concern among teachers and creating a “mix” in feelings on how to handle these issues in the classroom. Multiculturalism is “a social and political movement and position that holds differences between individuals as groups...

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Multiculturalism Taylor White Ultimate Medical Academy Multiculturalism Multiculturalism is when several cultures coexist without one dominating another in the same geographic area. America has been considered a “melting pot” for exactly this reason. The population is more diverse than it has ever been and is continuing to grow rapidly. Some say that this multiculturalism movement is a good thing while others view it as a bad thing. I will explain why I believe multiculturalism is a positive...

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At present, these is an increasing social concern on the development of multiculturalism. It is thought by some people that multiculturalism devalue the value of culture. From my point of view, I don not agree this because of the following the reasons. Obviously,multiculturalism brings numerous advantages to the societies. First of all, it accelerate the development of civilization. Since the multiculturalism can attract many immigrations, it certainly can help people to know the languages and...

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Tae young Park 201301462 Multiculturalism on HUFS campus Back in 1998, I moved with my parents and my older brother to the Netherlands at the age of 6. The first school day in the Netherlands I will never forget. I went into the class and saw so many kids that were different than me, not only the facial part but they also spoke a different language which I could not understand at all. This was the first time I got exposed to a term called multiculturalism. The 14 years experience in the Netherlands...

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Multiculturalism vs. Melting Pot : This essay comapares multiculturalism to the melting pot. It includes strengths and weaknesses of the two ideas, as well as descriptions and concepts.

Multiculturalism vs. Melting Pot Before I begin discussing these two topics, we must fully understand what they mean. The definition in the dictionary states that, multiculturalism consists of, relates to, or is designed for the cultures of several different races. Whereas the word melting pot is not a term used in the dictionary. For the purpose of this assignment I will make up my own definition for both these terms. Multiculturalism to me is defined as abundant amounts of cultures in one area...

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'the Challenges of Multiculturalism Far Outweigh the Benefits.' to What Extent Do You Agree?

of multiculturalism far outweigh the benefits.' To what extent do you agree? (40 marks) Multiculturalism is complex in that it has numerous definitions and has a different meaning, whether positive or negative, depending on individual opinion and governmental ideologies. The main idea is that different ethnic, racial, religious or cultural groups coexist, not necessarily in harmony, alongside one another and a county's system promotes ethnic diversity within its society. Multiculturalism does...

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Multiculturalism. Custom Multiculturalism Essay Writing Service || Multiculturalism Essay samples, help Multiculturalism has different types of meanings; at one level the word means Acceptance, appreciation or promotion of multiple cultures. This is usually applied to the demographic make up of a particular place; especially at organizational levels e.g. Businesses, schools, neighborhoods, cities and nations. But in this particular sense Multiculturalism approximates to respect for diversity. Multiculturalism...

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Multiculturalism as Lived Experience Enriches Our Lives. but Multiculturalism as a Political Ideology Has Helped Create a Tribal Britain with No Political or Moral Centre. (Kenan Malik, the Times , 16th. July, 2005).

Multiculturalism as lived experience enriches our lives. But multiculturalism as a political ideology has helped create a tribal Britain with no political or moral centre. (Kenan Malik, The Times ,16th. July, 2005). Discuss. More and more people “live in an environment that transcends national borders” and there is a very apparent “growing international environment” (Milich and Peck, 1998, pg vii). On an international scale, as well as in Britain, there has been an increase in immigration. ...

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Multiculturalism in Canada

I would define Canadian culture as multicultural. Canada is a nation of various cultures blended together to form something unique and couldn’t be measured. I feel that every time different countries come to Canada it’s like we adopt the differences and intergrade them into our society and then it becoming normal to us. For example if you go to school and hear unusual music or see different clothes that person wouldn’t be ostracized because were most likely already familiar...

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Canadian, eh? This essay is about what it means to be Canadian. It encorporates the topic of Canadian multiculturalism, "Canandian Attitude", and, or course, Canadian pride.

They have the freedom to think for themselves, speak what they wish, and live their lives to the fullest, in turn having certain collective ideas, traits, and qualities. Generally, they possess a Canadian attitude, an acceptance of Canadian multiculturalism, and most importantly, Canadian pride. While Canadians are sometimes depicted as a beer drinking, party loving, and rugged in attitude, when in fact they are generally quite reserved and passive. In reality, Canadians have become known for their...

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Multiculturalism in Crash Crash is highly ambiguous in the depiction of multiculturalism in American society. Almost all the ethnicities depicted in Crash question the perception others have their particular group, but at the same time affirm the different stereotypes surrounding their ethnic group. For example, one of the black characters (‘Anthony’) remarks that they should be afraid in a white neighborhood, due to their group’s association with crime. Following this intelligent observation,...

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Education in a cosmopolitan Society

Education in a cosmopolitan Society Multiculturalism is being challenged by new theories of cosmopolitanism. Discuss in relation to education. Theories of multiculturalism and cosmopolitanism have had a profound effect on Australian curriculum and education. Issues such as racism and secularisation have been a prominent feature of discussion in relation to the way it shapes the Australian curriculum and the shaping of our society. Multicultural education has been incorporated into the Australian...

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Failure of Multiculturism in the UK

Assess the claim that multiculturalism in the UK has failed. Multiculturalism has been intrinsic to UK society for centuries. On a timeline which reaches back as far as historic invasions by the Romans, Norse and French, to the pre-modern inflow of colonials and stretching to the present day, British society has been influenced and populated by many different cultures. However, UK opinions have become divided in recent years between those who advocate multiculturalism as a successful and enriching...

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in the above subject. 2. PROBLEM STATEMENT  Exploring multiculturalism and inclusiveness as an important “tool” in the workplace. I consider very important to investigate the role of multicultural organization and its relation to the workplace, the various kinds of multicultural behavior (practices) and most importantly how to overcome obstacles. As human beings, we need to learn the techniques of dealing with multiculturalism in the workplace and creating a conducive climate in the workplace...

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raising Intercultural Awareness

diversity ‘Multiculturalism’. This will be discussed in depth, as it is the core topic of this paper. This essay will involve in definingMulticulturalism’ and focus on Britain. Furthermore, it will involve in describe the UK’s multiculturalism in the light of chosen case study (David Cameron’s speech in Munich conference). Thereafter, will attempt to make a comparison between the case study and some multiculturalism theoretical concepts. Subsequently, a brief of my experience of multiculturalism as a...

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Multicultural Education

are essential to laying the foundation for the transformation of society and the elimination of injustice. The Contributions Approach (level 1) focuses on heroes, holidays, and discrete elements and is the most extensively used approach to multiculturalism in the schools. In this approach, the traditional ethnocentric curriculum remains unchanged in its basic structure, goals, and salient characteristics. Cultural traditions, foods, music, and dance may be discussed, but little or no attention...

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The pioneers

professor at Yale and a famous writer. Caryl Phillips has a Caribbean background, and was very young when he and his parents moved to England. Caryl is known for writing about topics such as multiculturalism. The main topic in the article is the question about multiculturalism, and the significance of the multiculturalism in Britain. The author, Caryl Phillips tells the reader about his point of view; his idea of how Britain would be a more dynamic and richer society. The author explains that society...

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International Management Exam Guide

markets to face the challenge of dealing with multiculturalism CH 6 Managing multiculturalism and diversity • international and domestic workforces of variety of cultures • diverse population – women, men , old, young, black, white, Arab, Asian Phases of multinational development • phase 1: domestic corporations • phase 2: international • phase 3: multinational • phase 4: global Types of multiculturalism • domestic multiculturalism: today’s organisation everywhere have people...

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Education in a Multicultural Setting

multicultural education setting and suggest possible solutions. To be able to get a fuller insight into what education in a multicultural setting is about and what it entails aspects such as globalization and multiculturalism have to be taken into consideration; Globalization and multiculturalism are strong forces guiding and changing international and national relationships. These changes also impact education and create a need to revise and reform educational practices in order to accommodate new...

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Multicultural Education: Piecing Together the Puzzle

parent to explain to them that all the different pieces fit together into one whole picture. Although every piece is different and unique, when they are all put into their place they form one whole picture. In the same way, teachers can teach multiculturalism in the classroom. Although every member of our society is unique, with different cultural backgrounds, we all fit together to form one unit. As stated by Noel (1995), "Understanding our own identity and the culture of our community requires...

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Australian Identity Essay

to the beach and suburbs rather than the bush. Although it is important to know that the bush legend has not been wiped out totally and still exists. Multiculturalism is just one of the main factors in modifying the Australian identity from a rural to a more urban based landscape and way of life. This essay will begin by discussing how multiculturalism has impacted on Australian identity. Secondly by communicating about the bush legend in Australian identity. Finally it will argue how the beach and...

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The Multicultural Society

The Multicultural Society Today we have multicultural societies all over the world. Some say multiculturalism is a failure, while others think the opposite. Is multiculturalism really a failure? What are the positive aspects and what are the negative aspects of a multicultural society? The UK is a classical example of how a multicultural society is formed. In the UK, diverse groups of immigrants have disembarked over the last 200 years. Jewish people escaped from Russian and Polish pursuit, Irish...

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Studying Literature in Grade 12

familiar with writers that are from Canada. By having graduating Ontario students read only literature written by Canadian authors, they will get the opportunity to focus on Canadian culture, the age that the novels are studied, and the lack of multiculturalism shown in the works. It is clear that there needs to be change in the Canadian schooling curriculum to educate graduating students. Graduating students taking English in Ontario should only study Canadian literature as Canada is swamped with American...

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Effects of Cultural Diversity

cultural diversity include: Cultural diversity is having different cultures respect each others differences. It could also mean the variety of human societies or cultures in a specific region, or in the world as a whole. It differs from multiculturalism in that multiculturalism is usually associated with the organizational promotion of multiple cultures whereas cultural diversity is a recognition of the diversity in cultures Promotes humanistic values. When an organization has a group of employees belonging...

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The Expansion of Cultural Diversity in Canada

cultural domination for sovereignty, standing behind their strong belief in the good for all, while respecting the diversity of their people. The values of their heritage are evident in their political culture, based on polices of bilingualism and multiculturalism. However Canadian values and characteristics are continually changing over time in their attempt to compete with other industrialized countries. The facets of the Canadian identity while distinguishable have faced much controversy. The question...

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PPQ Parts Global Expansion

Abstract The following paper will address the following scenario: PPQ Parts has determined that in order to successfully expand globally, it will be a great benefit if the managers are trained in multiculturalism, diversity management and are made aware of the political and economic concerns that may arise during the expansion. This will allow them to be properly equipped with the knowledge and required plan of action to handle such situations as needed.   Currently, there are many organizations...

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Multi-Cultural Communication in Counseling

alienate those from other cultures. A multicultural approach to counseling challenges the assumption that one style of interviewing is transferable to all clients. This paper examines a theory of multicultural counseling; definitions; and models of multiculturalism; highlighting the implications these have for guidance practitioners. Theory of multicultural counseling and therapy (MCT) Most career counseling and guidance practitioners would readily acknowledge that each client is unique, and that individual...

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Canadian Mosaic

and writers never get tired of praising the condition in which ethnic groups can preserve their uniqueness and yet live as a Canadian (Burnett 66). This mosaic idea will be distinctively Canadian as long as its two components, bilingualism and multiculturalism, will be accepted and appreciated by most Canadians. Every move must start on the huge part of the mosaic- the Anglophones and Francophones. The conflict between them must be resolved first before anything else. According to Wardhaugh, the English-...

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The Canadian Mosaic vs. the U.S. Melting Pot

advantages and disadvantages of both approaches, and analyze the impact of the structures on each country's society. Canada is world renown for being one of the most tolerant, welcoming, and democratic countries in the world - a dynamic mosaic of multiculturalism where people live and work together in harmony. Over the past 150 years, more than 14 million people have immigrated to Canada, with 16% of the 30 million citizens being first-generation immigrants. The Government of Canada is committed to...

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Australian Identity

good thing to base Australian identity around. Another idea in which Australians have tried to identify themselves with is multiculturalism, and is defined by the Macquarie Dictionary as the theory that it is beneficial to a society to maintain more than one culture within its structure. At least this is the view of the many supporters of a multicultural society. Multiculturalism and a uniform conception of national identity are incompatible. Yet governments which inherit delimited territories cannot...

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Worldwide Communications Inc./Comm215

Telecommunications Incorporated, one of the world’s largest successful telecommunications companies, has realized that they must leverage diversity. While some companies have viewed multiculturalism as a stigma, Worldwide Telecommunications Inc. is taking advantage of the many opportunities of rich variety that multiculturalism has to offer. The company utilizes tools such as diversity training in order to maintain the awareness required among its employees to be successful in utilizing diversity. These...

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Mixed Races

to the immigrants. Because not only would they be allowed to come to the United States, they would be able to bring their skills and keep everything the same. I guess you could say that it would be a win/win situation, meaning no sacrifice. Multiculturalism celebrates the differences in the different cultures instead of trying to ignore them or eliminate them all together. (Zangwill, 1908). Many believed that ignoring or eliminating the very things that make us different would cause more chaos....

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Emerging Issues

Emerging Issues Paper In today’s society emerging issues in multiculturalism are affecting people in new ways. Professionals in the health care industry are facing new challenges and are realizing the changes they need to make to continue to help those in need. Individuals are changing as well and becoming uniquely multicultural themselves. These issues affect society and how culturally diverse groups interact but still allow them to live together and share each others experiences. Counseling ...

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