Explain How the Setting Promotes Positive Images of Children and Reflects a Diverse Society

Topics: The Child, Sita, Child Pages: 2 (652 words) Published: January 29, 2012
P7.5; explain how the setting promotes positive images of children and reflects a diverse society.

My setting promotes positive images of the children, as when the children walk into the classroom there is a display board, which shows a picture of each child with their parent/ guardian. Inside the classroom they have all painted a self-portrait of themselves, which is displayed on the wall. Every day different children are chosen to be milk/ fruit helpers and special helpers. There is a display with the different seasons and placing a picture of them alongside their birthday in the season that they are born in shows the children’s birthdays, for example someone born in April would be placed into the spring section. They also have ‘Marvin’ a container in which marbles are placed into when the children have done good things and when it is filled to the top a treat will be given. The reason positive images of children are promoted is because adults need to know that the child’s individual needs are being met, that they are happy and also so that they can find out if the child feels secure in the setting. My setting also reflects a diverse society as they have a welcome sign on the door, which is also written in many other languages. There are many books, which are written in English, and another language, for example English and Turkish. All the children are encouraged to celebrate multicultural festivals, for example, Diwali, the children were told the story about Rama and Sita, they also acted it out by dressing up and made divas with an adult which were then put around the classroom.

P7.6; Describe a resource which uses positive images.

The resource that I have chosen is ‘Marvin’.
Marvin is a jar that needs to be filled full of marbles in order to gain a treat, the marbles are given when the whole class have been good for example played nicely in the playground, or tidied up, or come in from break time and sat on the carpet quietly. At random a child is...
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