Leadership Point of View

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A Leadership Point of View
Subbu Subbiah
Indiana Wesleyan University

A Leadership Point of View
In my opinion, the point of view of any person may be unique to that person’s personality and core values. In addition, I establishing a standardized rule for leadership would be difficult. Thus, I will find it very interesting to discuss my point of view on leadership. Edmonds (2011) discussed the benefits of clarifying a leadership point of view, such as becoming a leader who is able to be more authentic. This will also reflect on the leader’s core values and principles. It also helps the leader to inspire others to clarify their values and their views on leadership. A strong leadership point of view is (a) reality based, (b) memorable, (c) needs disciples, (d) spreads through visible actions, and (e) requires a persistent focus on part of the leader (“Executive Coach,” 2010). K. Blanchard, M. Blanchard, and Zigarmi (2010), in their leadership point of view discussion, determined that the leadership point of view is guided by eight questions: 1. Who are the influencers (key people) in your life who have had a positive impact on your life, such as parents, teachers, coaches, mentors, or bosses, and what did you learn from these people about leadership? 2. What key events in your life have had an impact on how you lead others? 3. Think about your life purpose. Why are you here, and what do you want to accomplish? 4. What are your core values that will guide your behavior as you attempt to live your life “on purpose?” 5. Given what you’ve learned from past influences, life events, your life purpose, and core values, what is your leadership point of view – your beliefs about leading and motivating people? 6. What can your people expect from you?

7. What do you expect from your people?
8. How will you set an example for your people? (pp. 290–291) As part of my response to the first question, I would like to discuss our company’s mentorship program and how it helped me learn effective leadership skills. Our company has a mentorship program for all new hires at the managerial level and above. When I joined our company five years ago, I was automatically enrolled into the mentorship program. An executive was assigned to be my mentor for six months. We had weekly meetings to discuss my leadership skills, and my progress was monitored on a monthly basis. From this coaching, I learned several primary leadership skills: (a) how to influence team members to accomplish team goals, (b) how to establish clear goals for the team and help the team to achieve these goals, and (c) how to build relationships with team members and build trust. The executive gave me practical coaching on these three areas to increase my leadership skills. At the end of the mentorship period, I felt that the executive had greatly influenced my life and had helped to become me a successful leader. Regarding the second question, I would like to discuss about a specific event that caused me to become a leader. I was working for an automotive parts manufacturer as an IT systems analyst 10 years ago. I worked for that company for 8 years. As an employee, I had a very good manager who was trustworthy, and an effective leader. He singled me out for special attention because he appreciated my dedication, passion, honesty, and problem-solving skills. When he planned to take a two-week vacation to attend his daughter’s wedding, he asked me to temporarily manage his team members. I initially hesitated accepting his proposal because I had never managed a group of people before, but he motivated me by saying that he thought I would do well. Ultimately, I accepted his offer and managed the team for two weeks. I found the job rewarding and, worked together with the team. We accomplished the tasks that we were assigned to do. This was my first experience in my management career, and it influenced me to continue to seek management...

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