Debate on British Monarchy

Topics: United Kingdom, Prime minister, Monarchy of the United Kingdom Pages: 2 (893 words) Published: February 10, 2011
A debate on the British monarchy

Good evening, everybody. Today I am going to bring in the debate on should the British Monarchy be demolished or not. I will talk on both sides and would like everyone to pay attention so that you all can be part of this discussion. The British monarchy can be discussed in Britain as well and if it did have a vote the result outcome would be equal and would have a stronger and more interesting debate. In UK the power of the queen is not much as a head of state or in the government but more in representing the country. In Pakistan and the US the president would be the same power as the Prime Minister in UK. There are many reasons we should get rid of the monarchy here are they: Many times it has been the case that the monarch is not British and from somewhere else. The questions which raises in everyone’s mind is that, I am British and still a worker, but she is from somewhere else and a monarch? Why does she deserve it? This has a very harsh effect on the people and the state, since she might be helping her country with the money from the British people. She brings more people into to UK to work and earn money from there. The queen is not important because she does not participate in the government or running the country the job is done by the Prime minister. The only thing she does is signs the final bill so that it becomes a law. Unfortunately she does not check it, or read it. The parliament decides amongst them by using a vote and debate system and decides on the bill. The queen is there used as a signer. There is a fact that it brings tourism and makes the country more popular, but that even wastes money. You have to give the money to the queen for sitting and sleeping and eating all day. For example when the people come they buy souvenirs but they even stay here and we serve them. We have to have more space and more habitats for them to live. That costs a lot! The queen does not even have the power to raise her voice...
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