The Case for Australia Not to Become a Republic

Topics: Commonwealth realm, United Kingdom, Australia Pages: 2 (399 words) Published: March 11, 2013
The case for Australia not to become a republic.

Australia has deep-rooted ties to its founding nation; the UK. To sever the few remaining links to our ally and historical parent under peaceful conditions (unlike the American war of independence) would be a crying shame.

The first thing that we would notice would be the astronomical cost of setting up a republic, this would be a cost that we as tax-payers would have to reach into our pockets for and give money for something that doesn’t change the situation in our country, except making us feel that we have grown into our own nation which of course we have anyway. We have been looking after our own interests free from the UK’s guiding hand for many decades now.

As proud Australians, we like to feel a sense of belonging to the commonwealth nations which were all part of Britain’s empire at one time. Losing this valuable historical connection to our forefathers would diminish our sense of national pride and identity, destroying the rich state of our constitutional monarchy would not be an intelligent idea.

The British Monarchy is a show piece that stands to represent the old ways of the world. They have been losing power gradually but steadily over the last two hundred years. In Australia their presence serves as merely ceremonial with a little political power that is seldom used. However removing the monarchy from the structure of our country would mean losing sporting opportunities, relations with UK and an affinity with our culture as an English colony which steadily grew from rags to riches under hard circumstances.

People like James cook, Edward Hargraves (the man who initiated the Australian gold rush back in the 1800s), the legendary explorers burke and wills were all of British origin. These men are seen as icons in our society, people who would not have helped to make our country what it is today if the English had not founded our country back in 1770.

I, as a taxpaying Australian who...
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