Database Normalization

Topics: Data modeling, Database normalization, Relation Pages: 1 (344 words) Published: June 21, 2008
Although, data is separated into different and more complex tables during normalization, the process of normalizing a database can help to organize data more efficiently by minimizing redundancy and providing more accurate records. During the process, column and field names are consolidated into more specific ones to avoid repetition of data. In many cases, tables are divided into two or more tables and linked via a relationship using their Primary Keys and/or Foreign Keys. The main goal is to allow each table to be updated individually without directly affecting the information contain within the fields of other tables (

In addition, the normalization process ensures that rows are not identical, despite their order, and they have precise data about an entity. All existing columns are unique and they can be in any other. Each column has entities of the same type and their attributes. Moreover, the tables clearly state what kind of information is required and their cells only have a single value.

For instance, in the sample table above, the sales contact list contain various field names to gather information about different product suppliers. Each field is unique and precisely asks for the most critical or essential information. Also, the table does not describe what type of products each company sales. Instead, the table only states the industry type because it does not want to limit the product search abilities to the company name only. Also, listing each product name within the same table can be confusing. By contrast, the table is split and related to other tables (Product Description, Orders, etc) using its Primary/Foreign keys to minimize data redundancy. The Product Description table contains a list of different items which are supplied by different companies. The order table pulls information from the Sales Contact, Product Information, etc. The main goal is to precisely identify and track each manufacturer...
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