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Service Request SR-ht-003

Principle and Importance of Normalization
The database normalization is a technique that is used to organize the contents in the tables for transactional databases and also data warehouses. The normalization is a portion of designing the database with success, without this the database systems may be inaccurate, inefficient, slow, and they may not create the data that is expected. Following a SQL Server installation that is successful a database will need to be created that will hold the data. After the database framework has been created, the files must be organized in a way that can be easily managed. The primary tool that will help organize the data will be the table that will look like a two-dimensional structure that encompasses rows and columns. When the database is normalized there will be four goals to maintain. These goals will be to organize data in logical groupings that each group will describe a small part of the whole; lessening the amount of duplicated data that is saved in the database; organize the data that so that when it is modified the change can be made in only one place; also building a database where the data can be accessed and manipulated quickly, efficiently, and without compromising the integrity of the data that is stored. The normalization of the data helps to design the new databases so that it will meet the goals and to test the databases to see if the goals are met. The database designers will at times refer to the goals as data integrity, referential integrity, or keyed data access. It will be ideal to normalize the data before the database tables are made. Data normalization is very important in transactional, or the online transactional processing database world where many data modifications take place constantly and randomly throughout the stored data. In contrast to that, the data warehouse will contain a substantial amount of denormalized and summarized data that is precalculated to keep away from the performance penalty of ad hoc joins (Poolet, 2014).

The Process of Normalization
The process of normalization is to organize the fields and tables of a relational database to minimize redundancy in Huffman Truckings Maintenance Department. This process involves dividing large tables such ad Vehicle Maintenance into smaller tables then defining the relationship between them, such as what type of maintenance when it was performed and what parts were needed. To achieve this one would need to isolate the data so additions, deletions, and any modifications of a field in a table only have to be changed one time. Then it can propagate threw the rest of the fields in the database using the defined relationships such as Maintenance Descriptions, and Parts inventory. The (1NF) of first normal form is the property of relation provided that the domain of each attribute contains only atomic values and the value of each attribute contains only a single value from that domain ("Database Normalization", n.d.). First normal form is an essential property of a relation in a relational database. Database normalization is the process of representing a database in terms of relations in standard normal forms, where first normal is a minimal requirement. We will need to normalize to (6NF) to achieve a smooth running database that has few redundancies as possible for Huffman Trucking’s Maintenance Department. This will require multiple tables such as; Vendors, Parts Catalogue, Parts Purchasing History, Parts Inventory Purchases, and Parts inventory Issues to be in their own tables and joined to the Maintenance Descriptions table. Then the database should have tables that are modified thru the work performed by the maintenance staff; Vehicle, Vehicle Type, Maintenance Work Order, Vehicle Maintenance, Tire Maintenance, and Maintenance Descriptions then should be linked to the parts section of the database so that when a query is sent all of the data...
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