Database Plan for Riordan Manufacturing Material Ordering

Topics: Database, Database normalization, Database model Pages: 10 (2376 words) Published: November 12, 2006
Learning Team C
Database Plan for Riordan Manufacturing Material Ordering

Kishan Bhagan

Amir Bashir

Eric Berger

Shawn Chandler

Debra Hanzlik

University of Phoenix

DBM 500

October 22, 2006

Facilitator: Dr. Gary Page

Table of Contents
Database Plan Description
Database Plan Purpose
Project Plan
E-R Diagrams
A Description of the Normalization of the Database
UML Diagrams
Class Diagram
Use Case
Sequence Diagram
Database Administration Plan
Disaster Recovery Plan
Risk Assessment - Impact
Communication Plan – Roles and Responsibilities
Prevention Plan
Implementation Plan
Disaster Recovery Process

This manual defines the comprehensive database plan for Riordan Manufacturing material's ordering database. Team C, consisting of Master degree-seeking students at University of Phoenix Online, has created this database plan. The assignment was completed in 6 weeks. Riordan Manufacturing, Inc., a Fortune 1000 enterprise, provides plastic injection molding using state-of-the art design methods and tools. Already an industry leader, Riordan Manufacturing has four facilities both in the United States and abroad. A database is needed for use in a Business-to-Business Web site that will allow Riordan Manufacturing to order materials via the Web from its vendors. Team C's purpose is to create the database plan only. Database Plan Description

The database plan is the first step in creating a database. It includes the following items and as appropriate each will be created using Microsoft Project, Microsoft Visio, or Microsoft Office's Word applications: 1.Database Plan Purpose

2.Project plan
3.E-R diagrams
4.Description of the normalization of the database
5.UML diagrams
6.Database administration plan
7.Database recovery plan
The database plan involves the following tasks, which are the same steps that need to be addressed regardless of the size and complexity of this database that will be created from it: 1.Gather information

2.Identify objects or entities
3.Identify the type of information each entity requires
4.Identify the relationship between objects
5.Once the above tasks are done successfully, it helps to layout the functional spec, Class diagrams, physical database, presentation layer, and the backend business logic. Database Plan Purpose

A database plan serves as a guide for use during implementation of the database. Also it serves as a functional specification for the database after it has been implemented. If developers start working on the project without any database plan then it can become very difficult to code and they will be moving back and forth between design phase and construction phase, hence wasting a lot of time in the process.

Project Plan
Figure 1
Riordan Manufacturing Project Plan

E-R Diagrams
E-R diagram is used to show the entity relationships. Figure 2 demonstrates Riordan Manufacturing entity relationships. Figure 2
Riordan Manufacturing E-R Diagrams

A Description of the Normalization of the Database
Riordan Manufacturing's Entity Relationship Diagram (ERD) now contains the designs of their database. These designs will be used to create a Business-to-Business database that will be used to give Riordan Manufacturing the ability to order materials and products from their vendors through an Internet connection. This diagram already contains all of the necessary entities and their dependent attributes. It also already contains the relationships that will be used between the entities and the correct cardinalities between those relationships. Even though the database's ERD has a good design, it is still possible that redundant data anomalies will be created from these tables. This is why the database design process will include normalization processes to correct any possible redundant data anomalies. This database design will be normalized in three stages of normalization:...

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