Data Protection Information Handling Legislation

Topics: Law, Data Protection Act 1998, Core issues in ethics Pages: 2 (552 words) Published: May 5, 2013
CYP 3.3

3.2 Explain policies and procedures that are in place to protect children and young people and adults who work with them.

Policies and procedures are put in place, as we have a duty of care, furthermore we have a statutory right to safeguard and promote the welfare of children, under (section 175 of the Education Act 2002.) Furthermore we have to follow the guidance of ‘Safeguarding’ children/young people within a Safer Recruitment in ‘Education DfES 2007’, as the safety and protection of all children/young people are of paramount importance. Safeguarding children/young people, under the Children Act of ‘2004’, which always defines, ‘safeguarding and promoting the welfare’ of children/young people as: * Protecting children from abuse and neglect;

* Preventing impairment of their health or development;
* Ensuring that they receive, safe and effective care this will encourage them to strive and have the optimum of life chances.

The school understands all children have the right to be/feel safe in our society. Therefore, we will always recognise that we have a duty of care to ensure arrangements are in place for safeguarding and protecting/promoting the welfare of children, furthermore by creating a positive school atmosphere through our teaching and learning also pastoral support, and care for both pupils and school personnel. Consequently we will always arrange training either in house or on courses for our school personnel, also working with the parents to ensure they have the support and care around them to encourage a good school ethos, therefore a relationship with the school is a positive one. You have to acknowledge that some children/young people, can be harmed (physically, emotionally, sexually or just by neglect.) It is our duty of care to report any concerns that we have of any of the above abuse, as the health, safety also protection of all children/young people is paramount to the cause. We are aware that if any of the...
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