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  • Core Issues in Ethics and Arrogance

    POSEIDON MONOLOGUE Blasphemy! Injustice! Disrespect! These the disloyal Phaecians have committed against me And the laws of Olympus! Those sailors of my blessings have pampered Odysseus‚ My sworn enemy! Those fools are proof that ignorant men can’t be trusted. I have taken blows from the greatest foes‚ But being betrayed by allies is far worse‚ And it makes my blood boil‚ my temper flare! To my kingdom of the sea I have brought the gods‚ To demand consent to unleash my fury on those

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  • Core Issues in Ethics and Honesty

    I believe in honesty. Webster’s Dictionary says that the definition of honesty is freedom from deceit or fraud. I believe that being honest all the time will never require you to lie. Honesty shows that you are genuine and transparent in your actions. I believe when speaking the truth you will never be “caught in a lie”. When you are an honest person‚ people trust you and when people trust you‚ you earn others respect. I believe that if you are honest you will be a much happier person and you will

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  • Humans: Core Issues in Ethics and Thomas Hobbs

    Are humans good or evil? Humans were naturally born evil. Even though there are respectable people with good personalities there is always an evil side of them prowling deep down where no one can see it. Just as Thomas Hobbs stated‚ selfishness does often lead to war and violence. Everyone hates‚ everyone’s racist‚ everyone’s greedy‚ jealous‚ and last but not least EVERYONE is a liar. To begin with‚ we are pathetic human beings who hate. We live in a cruel world full of hate. Humans are hateful

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  • 7 Core Army Values

    7 Core Army Values and What They Mean to Me The seven core army values are broken up into Loyalty‚Duty‚ Respect‚ Selfless Services‚ Honor‚ Integrity‚ Personal Courage. The first of these is loyalty; Loyalty to me is keeping your word or backing up or trusting a friend even when others do not. I think trust is a big part of loyalty. You can’t expect someone to be loyal to you if they cannot trust you. In the army aspect I believe it is relatively the same but in leadership role or more stressful

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  • Ethics of Euthanasia

    Courtney Thorne Professor Chesire English 1100‚ Section 48 7 December 2012 Euthanasia One of the most hotly debated topics going on through the government is the one concerning the ethics of euthanasia also known as assisted suicide. Euthanasia comes from the Greek language meaning ‘Good death’. Euthanasia is suicide‚ but with the help of a doctor. The government and people argue about whether it should be legalized or not‚ this is because it can be seen as unethical and it taking the ills

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  • Air Force Core Values - Integrity First

    The Air Force runs on three Core Values: Integrity First‚ Service Before Self‚ and Excellence in All We Do. In this essay‚ we’ll be looking at the first of those. Integrity comes first in the list because it forms the basis of all we do. AFI 1-1 describes it as “the willingness to do what is right even when no one is looking. It is the moral compass – the voice of self-control and the basis for the trust that is essential in today’s military. All airmen must have unquestionable integrity so

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  • Ethics of Lying

    I think that many people have found themselves in situations where they must make a decision on whether to lie about something or tell the truth. Many would probably agree that people choose to lie to save themselves from a problematic outcome telling the truth would have caused. Most people have been raised with the foundational principle that lying is wrong‚ and yet all the people will‚ at some point in their lives‚ most likely will choose to lie instead of telling the truth. The interesting phenomenon

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  • My Ethics Awareness Inventory Summary

    My Ethics Awareness Inventory Summary In my Ethical Awareness Inventory I believe in what is right. Ethical awareness is gaining an insight in the perspective of having the determination of what you believe is wrong or right. My beliefs in decision making and obligation are mainly in the core values of the best ethical decision and what core beliefs I believe inspire my values and morality. The core beliefs I chose were character‚ obligation‚ results‚ and equity. I believe an obligation to

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  • Personal Code of Ethics

    Respect Respect is a behavior to “admire someone because of his or her knowledge‚ skill‚ personal qualities” or “to be careful not to do anything against someone’s wishes‚ right” (Longman Dictionary of American English‚ p. 776). Respecting other people is an ethical behavior that is good not only in academic environment but also in personal life. People have their own background‚ beliefs‚ opinions‚ characteristics‚ and points of view. I think that when people respect each other‚ they will resolve

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  • The Ethics of Hate Crime Legislation

    It was in eighth grade when this kid named Freddy got expelled from my school. He got arrested for spray painting racial slurs and profanity on peoples’ cars. Those were felony chargers. Not only did he get charged with crimes‚ his mom had to pay the victims money for the damage and he got an extra year of probation because it was labeled as a “Hate Motivated Crime”. Hates crimes should be taken more seriously and should have a harsher punishment. If you get a harsher punishment people will think

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