7 Core Army Values

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7 Core Army Values and What They Mean to Me

The seven core army values are broken up into Loyalty,Duty, Respect, Selfless Services, Honor, Integrity, Personal Courage. The first of these is loyalty; Loyalty to me is keeping your word or backing up or trusting a friend even when others do not. I think trust is a big part of loyalty. You can't expect someone to be loyal to you if they cannot trust you. In the army aspect I believe it is relatively the same but in leadership role or more stressful situations.
The next army value is duty. Duty is in the army value fulfillment of your obligation, accomplishing task given to you and taking responsibility. In the way I view duty is similar yet I view duty in less of militaristic way, I see duty as what your exposed to do without complaining or making negative views on the issue.
Another army value which is next is respect. In the army value definition for respect is to treat others the way you would be treated and that respect is giving trust to another person other then your own. To me personally respect is tolerance for the person's background or views and accepting him/her as being an equal member of the human race or of creation.
The next army value is selfless service. In the army values selfless service is giving your all for a higher or even lower power and thinking of someone or something other then your own. To me selfless service is the practice of giving without expecting anything in return.
Another army value is honor. Honor is in my view the biggest thing to me. In the army value honor is acting out each of the value with everything you have. honor to me is self-discipline, it is a means of respect to my family and friends, to allow yourself to not be beaten by the fears and demons of reality.
The next army value is integrity. In the army value integrity is doing the right thing for the right reason when no one is watching. In my personally viewpoint integrity is similar to the army values but To

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