Humans: Core Issues in Ethics and Thomas Hobbs

Topics: Core issues in ethics, Lie, Hate Pages: 1 (333 words) Published: January 8, 2013
Are humans good or evil?
Humans were naturally born evil. Even though there are respectable people with good personalities there is always an evil side of them prowling deep down where no one can see it. Just as Thomas Hobbs stated, selfishness does often lead to war and violence. Everyone hates, everyone’s racist, everyone’s greedy, jealous, and last but not least EVERYONE is a liar.

To begin with, we are pathetic human beings who hate. We live in a cruel world full of hate. Humans are hateful by nature. They hate their neighbours, bosses, spouses, siblings, and their own pitiful existence. Hatred is what motivates us and it’s a part of life. Hatred is a cycle. It is mutual. For instance, when a bully hates another person he or she will physically or mentally hurt that person. The victim will then hate the bully because of what they did and will start to hurt others to gain more power because they are afraid and traumatized.

Secondly, all humans are selfish. We always do things that would benefit ourselves. Humans live extremely private lives. People do not interact enough with people outside of their close friends and family. They have private cars and private houses that they live with. Humans all live on one planet, yet they are not connected. Humans are constantly treating animals as tests. For example, people are making countless deadly experiments on animals to find cures, and cosmetic companies take advantage on innocent animals to test out their products before selling to consumers. “Liar liar pants on fire” is a common saying. People tell lies every day. Humans learn to lie at a very young age and continue lying throughout their entire life. People lie to get out of trouble especially kids. Humans are driven by money and industry. For instance, in media and advertising they lie and exaggerate about their product just to get others to buy it. Lying is just another part of life along with evil.
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