Data and Communication

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Databases and Data Communication

BIS 320
September 16, 2013
Lisa Ricks

Databases and Data Communication

Databases are great when you want to create a model of data such as numbers for figuring out how much you can spend on a new home when you are in the buying marketing, you can use excel to figure out how much you can spend and a monthly payment. You can also use a database to track of shipping components from a trade show that you are in charge of. You can use a database to organize the information about the components and equipment that will make a booth work and run properly at the trade show to. First a company must understand the relationship between the data they want to keep track of, in the scenario presented, the trade show components, equipment, shippers and shipments. The first relationship is between the components and equipment, it is imperative that the items listed in the components and the equipment given to me by my superiors. I would want these items in an excel spreadsheet for better understanding. I would also want to be able to check off the items in my computer at the trade show while everything was being put together to ensure I had all my pieces. The same goes for the equipment, it is so important to know where each piece is located at all times. The excel database spread sheet would be the best choice for organizing the list of components and equipment. Moreover, I can create multiple spreadsheets to go with each set of equipment and components for different items at different shows. This process will allow for a better flow of data, when looking at the spread sheets. Trade Show A may need different equipment and components that Trade Show C. The second relationship in this scenario is between the shipper and shipments; I would need to know what company was shipping what materials and where it is in the shipment process. For example, if the company was located in Dallas, TX and the trade show were in...

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