Dbm/380 Database Concepts

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Database Design Paper

October , 2012
University of Phoenix

Database Design Paper
A database is a set of programs and applications used to store data, this allows the data to be used by different individuals in different areas and access information from it quickly. A database stores the information so it can be used at a later time so additional information can be added, taken away, or used as needed. Once in the database the data is compressed so it takes up less space in the computer’s memory. The database allows those authorized to use the data within it and control the creation, maintenance, and use of a database. A database stores various kinds of files, data records, and other objects. There are a variety of database models; there is the relational model or object model, which supports applications. That use query languages, which are high-level programming languages, and dedicated database languages that simplify writing database application programs. The main function of a database is basically retrieving and presenting information it controls, in doing this it allows the users data access, protects the data’s and makes it more manageable. It also provides safety features for the data so that it is not lost or misplaced and if there is a serious event or natural disaster, fire, etc. it can be recovered and restored from a backup. In my work we use Microsoft Access as a relational database for employment records and to store our client information such as names, addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses from this database we send out a monthly newsletter with special offers on services and products. By using a database, an organization saves time and money because it is only a few simple steps and we can email all of our clients and customers a monthly newsletter which informs them about what is happening within the organization, services and products we offer, and what is on sale which generates more business. By using a...
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