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Topics: Employment, Recruitment, Candidate Pages: 3 (1015 words) Published: June 11, 2013
D1- QMH documentation

I am going to evaluate the usefulness of the documents which QMH in facilitating the interview process.

Documentation 1: The first document which QHM uses is a recruitment and engagement form, this provides information such as what hotel department the candidate wants to work in and the contract type and number hours you will be working. This document also provides information if the candidate is a replacement candidate or a new candidate. This document is useful in the interview process has its giving information on what role the candidate has applied for and it contains the hours which they will be working and also if it is a replacement candidate or a new candidate. This information is for use of the UK divisional director or regional operations director has this documentation must be authorised by the UK divisional before pursuing the application. Documentation 2: This documentation is the job description for QMH this document is important has it contains what the job involves and the general scope and purpose of the job, what the employee expects from the candidate which is applying for this role. This document also contains what responsibilities you will have. this is important documentation whilst going through the interview process has the job description provides the standard by which an employee can be evaluated, recognized for exemplary work, helped to improve, or -- in the worst case -- dismissed for simply not doing her job Documentation 3: This document is the personal speciation for QHM this provides the requirements a job holder needs to be able to perform the job satisfactorily. This includes -, Education and qualifications, Training and experience-, Personal attributes / qualities. In this documentation the skills will be essential or desirable this is providing the outline of what you will need to be a successful candidate of the job role which you are Appling for. This is use when it come to the interview process...
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