D1 Business Environment

Topics: Trade union, Stakeholder, Strike action Pages: 6 (2421 words) Published: January 18, 2012
British Airways stakeholders.
Those indivivals who have interest to BA operations are BA’s stakeholders, or any individuals whose action can affect BA’s operation can be stakeholders of British Airways. Stake holder can be either internal or external.

Internal stakeholders: are those who are involved with business internally for example owners, shareholders, managers and employees. External Stakeholders: are those who are involved in business externally for example customers, suppliers, local community and government.

Owner: Since BA is public Limited Company so it belongs to its share holders. More control goes to that individual who has big share in the company so share holder have a major influence in directing and managing the company as well selecting the board of directors who run the company and set the goals and strategic planes. Every share is marketed in stock exchange market so BA’s share ranges from small to big values. Therefore Shareholder wants their share to be valued higher and higher so, they can sell their shares in better prices if the company is in better economical condition. Shareholders and owners can facilitate and bring more high quality services by putting more money in the company; buying fuel efficient Air planes, investing in high tech technology, employing experienced and qualified managers can bring development in overall functionality of BA. In addition to this, ordering planes like dream liner Boeing 787 by owners of BA would attract and bring glory and reputation to BA. Furthermore investing on fuel efficient planes, on one hand has profit to environment and on the other hand it reduces the expenses of fuel and consequently fares will go down by 20 % as result there will be more customers and more profit to the company and its shareholders. Moreover every measure in which there is intention either to upgrade the company or to down grade the company has its massive impact on the overall function of business by owners. BA owners can select a hard working, honest and reliable directors on the annual general meeting so having an experienced and full of energy board of director can bring a prosperity and achievement to the company as chief executive of BA, Willie Walsh, told the Tories they would make a big mistake if blocking the third runway, we can see that a chief executive is arguing and want to win the argument in will of BA. Employees: are those who are internally and in some extent externally associated with BA. Because we say externally, that local community some time supply the employees of a company. Employees like managers, pilots, flight attendants, IT workers, engineers and etc need a better working condition, secure jobs, suitable salaries, friendly environment from BA. In addition to this employees should be valued by the BA in order to get best result from them. But in return the employees should be hard working, enthusiastic, and polite with the customers, dedicated, committed and looking after BA’s prosperity and well being. If the BA is prosperous and rich they will receive good rewards and salaries. If the BA is not doing well in the term of service which being offered to its customers as a result the company going to lose its fame and credibility and will not be able to support itself and its employees. AS we saw last year, that as result of industrial action by cabin crew which was supported by trade union made a loss of £ 510 million to the BA to which BA . on the other hand employees should be committed , dedicated and they must try their best to follow those rules in which BA’s objectives are set .additionally employees play a major role in progression of the day to day operation of the company by being committed and enthusiastic in what they are employed to .Having hard working and dedicated employees will take the BA toward the success and prosperity in contrast lazy and time killing employee will make losses not only for company but also for...
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