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P1- Describe how marketing techniques are used to market products in two organisations. Cadbury
The marketing techniques that Cadbury use could be things such as: branding, relationship marketing, growth and survival strategies. Growth Strategies
Cadbury uses market penetration strategies to keep people aware of their brand. They do this all in their current market. They do this by selling more to existing customers, like selling their products in multi-packs. This means that the customers can buy their products in larger quantities and it will encourage them to do so as they can have more of the product instead of buying it individually. They also use product development strategies such as selling new products in an existing market. For example they add other products to some of their existing brands such as dairy milk. They’ve added things such as ‘Crunchie’ to the original Dairy milk. Cadbury also increase the size of their products for example they do share sizes of Dairy milk. Cadbury also try to enter new markets by using market development strategies. These are things such as selling their products in new geographical areas, or through new channels of distribution. An example of this would be that Cadbury has just been bought by the American company Kraft. This means that Cadbury will now be selling their products overseas in America. Another growth strategy that Cadbury use to gain a bigger share of the market, they do things such as releasing or re-releasing products at certain times of the year. For example they release Crème Eggs at Easter time as they know that people will buy them, especially children. A new product that they released is the ‘egg and spoon’ they have done this to attract new customers; this product is aimed at children. They also things such as putting pressure on impulse buyers, they are planning on doing this by putting vending machines in places where people do not generally eat chocolate, places such as; offices, pubs and hospitals. They say that it is key for making it easy for consumers to “buy on their impulse”. Growth strategies

Branding is also key to Cadburys success; this is because of their brand awareness. If Cadbury has successful branding then this will raise sales as customers will seek out the brand. If Cadbury manage to maintain a high level of brand awareness, then people will start to use the brand name instead of what the product is. E.g. instead of saying ‘bar of chocolate’ people would say ‘bar of dairy milk’. Also the distinctive colour of purple that Cadbury products are, people know that when they see this colour that they are buying Cadbury products as no other brand uses that colour. Relationship marketing is when they focus on the long-term value of their customers; this means that they focus on keep their customers for as long as they possibly can. Cadbury aim alot for their prodcts at children. For example they aim products such a Buttons and Fredos.Cadbury use comedy advertising as one their marketing strategies as they know that this is a good way of getting their products noticed by new and existing customers especially children. For example the Cadbury ‘eyebrow’ advert was one of the most talked about things when it came out. Also the gorilla advert was a very popular also. This gained them new customers and helped them to keep their existing customers. Mars

The marketing stratergies that mars use are things such as branding, relationship marketing, and growth and survival strategies. Growth Strategies
Mars uses product development strategies to keep people interested in their products. They do this by releasing new products into their existing market. For example their most recent product that they have released is Mars Planets; these are an alternative to what they have already in their current market. Mars also uses market penetration strategies this means that they start to sell more to their existing customers. They do this by selling their...
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